Let's Get "Edcited"

October 24, 2017


Edcite is a comprehensive education platform equipping teachers with customizable content and quality Common Core resources. Their platform is built by teachers, for teachers to tackle the classroom challenges of today and strengthen the quality of education tomorrow. Edcite is free, and it offers a comprehensive bank of tech-enhanced item options to use on any assignment or assessment. This is a great option if you are looking to:

  1. Embed tech enhanced items in an assessment
  2. Practice items that students will see on ISTEP+ Part 1

Session 1 - Teacher Sign-up

Click Here if you are and EVSC teacher and wish to sign up using your Google Account Credentials.

Getting Students Ready for Edcite

Click Here to view a Google Slides Presentation on how to get your students to sign up with edcite.

General Edcite FAQ

Creating Assignments

Click Here to see how to create your own assignments in Edcite.

Creating Questions

Click Here to see how you can create your own questions in Edcite.

Adding Multimedia

Click Here to see how you can add images, links, and/or videos to questions/assignments in Edcite.

SBAC and PARCC Question Types

Click Here to see the differences between the various question types in Edcite.