Julius Dorsey Elementary

Week Of October 12, 2015


The Instructional team went into many classrooms observing daily routines in action in both reading and math. Congratulations!! It was evident that teachers are establishing routines and students are more aware of the routines.

Reading routines:

Morning message

Sound Spelling card review

Math routines:

Problem of the day (journals)

Number of the day (journals)

"Routines are the backbone of daily classroom life. They facilitate teaching and learning…. Routines don’t just make your life easier, they save valuable classroom time. And what’s most important, efficient routines make it easier for students to learn and achieve more."

Learning to Teach…not just for beginners by Linda Shal

Data Meetings/Extended Planning:

Thank you to a successful first week of extended planning. We were able to analyze our data and create specific actions steps to improve our challenges. We will continue to monitor and look for these actions steps as we observe classrooms. Be ready to discuss these actions steps and how we can improve upon them if needed. As we meet this week be prepared with your action step implementation information as well as your lesson plans (remember lesson plans should be done two weeks in advance).

Many of you asked about ALL In LEARNING,and we have officially received it now we are in the process of transferring students and teachers in the system. This will allow us to look at the data more in depth.

Professional Development:

Math will be held in Room 201

Please bring a student Math Journal from TIER 1, 2 and 3.

Reading will be held in Room (TBA)

Please bring your guided reading schedule. (At what time are you pulling groups for

guided reading). In addition, please bring a student writing journal from TIER 1, 2 and

3 (which could include morning message)

Parent Teacher Conference

Conferences will be held this Thursday from 4pm - 8pm. We will serve pizza in the cafeteria from 3:15pm -4:00pm.

Report cards will be given to parents on Conference night.


  • Review student work. Be prepared to go over student data, assignments, and assessments during the conferences. Think of what more you would like to learn about your students from their parents.
  • Prepare thoughts and materials. Create an agenda or list of key issues you want to discuss about each student’s progress and growth. Also consider creating a portfolio of student work to walk through with families during the conferences.
  • Create a welcoming environment. Make your classroom comfortable for families by displaying student work. Place adult chairs outside the classroom, to create a private space for the conferences.
  • Discuss progress and growth. Starting with the positive, let families know about their child’s ability level in different subjects and in relationship to his or her peers. Help families understand student data to demonstrate progress against learning goals and to identify areas that need to be addressed.
  • Use examples. Walk parents through the assignments and assessments that are particularly demonstrative of the student’s progress and abilities.
  • Ask questions and listen actively. Solicit family input into student strengths and needs, learning styles, and non-school learning opportunities. Ask parents about their hopes and dreams for their child.
  • Share ideas for supporting learning. Provide suggestions for activities and strategies families can use at home to help their child learn and grow.
  • Seek solutions collaboratively. Avoid judgments about what “they” should do and instead emphasize how “we” can work together to resolve any problems.
  • Make an action plan. Spend the last few minutes discussing how you and the family will support the student. Be specific about the kinds of things you will do, for how long you will do them, and how you will check in with one another about progress.
  • Establish lines of communication. Describe how you will communicate with families (i.e., through notes home, phone calls, email etc.) and how they can contact you. Schedule a way to follow up on your conference.

Week at a Glance


Visit-Guided Reading in Action

Professional Development

Math room 201

Reading (TBD)


Principal Coffee (8:30 am-Cafeteria)

Tutoring School-Wide (3:15-4:00)

PTA (5:30pm- 5th grade Performs)


Enrichment (3:15-4:00)


Sams Club during lunch

Parent Teacher Conference (Dinner (Pizza) provided Cafeteria) 3:15-4:00)

Boy Scout Meeting (6pm in the auditorium)

***Book Fair October 12-16, 2015***

October 19-Staff Development

8:00 am -4:00 pm

Math will begin in the Library (Region 10 Math centers in Action K-5)

(We will have guest from Anderson Elementary)

Reading in room 201

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