The Roman Empire

By Gabe Schmidt


This project is about The Roman Empire. The first thing I will talk about is the Struggles between the rich and the poor. The second I will talk about the Punic wars. Those wars lasted a long time. The final thing I will talk about is the Decline and the Fall. I hope you enjoy my project.

Struggles Between The Rich and The Poor

Political power was the struggle between the rich and the poor. The wealthy land owners continued to increase there estates. Then the population was increasing to fast.Then the rich were allowed 300 acres of land but the poor were not. But then these agin revised debt law.

The Punic Wars

The Punic Wars began in 264 bc. Warfare had turned into a nation of soldiers. There only other rival now was the west. Carthage was the the regions chief sea power. Then after the war ended the was a second Punic war followed by a third Punic War.

Decline and fall

From 180 to 264 the senate recognized 27 men as emperors. Many others laid claim to that title. Then the senate was now more than a city council to Rome. Soon after the west had grown weak to the east. Then after a long time of wars and fighting the Roman Empire was falling apart and then soon the Roman Empire had just come to an end.


I learned a lot about the Roman Empire and its history. I chose the Roman Empire because I knew nothing about it. My favorite topic was probably The Punic Wars. It's still weird to me how they just came to an end. The struggles between the rich and poor was really the beginning all the stuff that happened leading to my last topic the Decline and fall. I hope you enjoyed my project because I really learned a lot.


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