Anchor of Hope

Church Without Walls

REMINDER! First K-KIDS Day at Westside Park

Sunday, Nov. 16th, 3-5pm

307 Buena Vista

Marble Falls, TX


Please make plans to bring your children and invite a neighbor too! K-KIDS day is designed for kids from toddler age through elementary school. Your younger teens are welcome to volunteer as helpers by contacting Jeanette at 512-755-1405.

K-KIDS days, which stands for "Kairos Kids in Discipleship and Service," will be special days of learning the truth of God's Word, building special relationships, and applying the truth we learn in practical ways by serving our friends and neighbors throughout the community.

"Kairos" means the right, opportune, or supreme moment in time. A time when we are especially aware of God's divine touch in our lives. Our heart is that these times would be just that for the young ones among us and that these divine moments would result in a heart that reaches out to engage people in love and service for His glory.