Technologist-in-Residence Program

What is this?

Participation in the Technologist-in-Residence Program provides instructional staff an opportunity to elevate skills and strategies as technology is embedded and integrated within classroom instruction. Education Technology Specialist Melissa Lim will meet with you and your team to plan a lesson or activity that effectively utilizes technology and then schedule a visit to your classroom as you implement your plan. This is a voluntary professional opportunity (no substitutes will be provided).


  • motivate, stimulate and lend confidence to instructional staff

  • on-site, customized and individualized technology training, consulting and support

  • instruct, inspire, and support teachers in meeting their individual technology needs

  • individual or small group


You are someone who...

  • desires to learn and apply new technology tools, skills and strategies
  • seeks collaboration with an expert
  • wants shared reflection to improve practice
  • has access (or can get access to) to 1:1 or 1:2 student devices
  • empowers students to make good choices
  • has a student-centered classroom
  • has the ability to schedule initial one hour consultation and one to two 30-minute check-in meetings (optional debrief)
  • receives support from your principal for this kind of learning experience

Initial Consultation

  1. What idea(s) do you have for increasing or deepening your use of educational technology?
  2. What student learning outcomes are you looking for as a result of your increased use of integrated technology?
  3. Develop plan and outline next steps for teacher and student learning.

Interested? Fill out the application below.