Persuasive Research Project

By: Ashley Tang(7th Period)

Should Immigration Be Illegal In The United States?

Immigration should not be illegal in the United States because most immigrants come to make a better living here from their troubling past, help create more new jobs, and help fill in our work force.

What Is Immigration?

Immigration is a controversial topic that has been going on for a very long time. Majority of immigrants come from Mexico, India, and China. Most immigrants come to seek a better life and future but other immigrants who don't seek the same thing could seek a life as a terrorist or a criminal, and it creates many security problems. The more immigrants we let in, the more our country risks facing terrorism and more crimes. However immigrants who are working for a better future are beneficial to our economy and work force. Without immigrants, we would be running low of workers in the work force and educating foreign children can help the future of our economy. This is why immigration is important and should be seen as a benefit to help make our country better, even if it could put us in trouble with terrorism.

Text Evidence

"Meanwhile, the research has found that immigrants -- including the poor, uneducated ones coming from south of the border -- have a big positive effect on the economy over the long run, bolstering the profitability of U.S. companies, reducing the prices of some products and services by providing employers with a new labor source and creating more opportunities for investment and jobs."

-Based on the research conducted, it has been proven that because of the immigrants from the south it has helped with our economy and many U.S. companies. With many immigrants in the work force, it helps reduce prices of products and create much more opportunities.

"Foreign students made up 23 percent of the students at Columbia University in 2001; 20 percent of students at the University of Southern California; and 15 percent of students at New York University. More than 16,000 foreign students were enrolled in these three private universities in 2001."

-According to the data in 2001, more than 16,000 foreign students were enrolled in one of three private schools that are hard to get accepted by. Columbia University, University of Southern California, and New York University are some of the top schools in the U.S. that are hard to get into which proves that young immigrants could change the economy here.

"Immigration has a major effect on the size, distribution, and composition of the U.S. population. Because fertility and mortality have fallen to relatively low levels in the United States, immigration's role in the growth of the national, state, and local populations has increased in recent decades."

-Now that fertility rates have fallen ever since in the United States, our population growth is slowly not increasing a lot which can be a problem. But ever since immigrants began to enter our borders, the U.S. population rises much faster. Without immigration, we would have an unstable fertility and population growth.

"In urban areas particularly, college-educated immigrants outnumber high school-educated immigrants by 25 percent in 44 large U.S. cities."

-In 44 large U.S. cities, there are 25 percent more college-educated immigrants than high school-educated immigrants which shows that most immigrants here in the U.S. are looking for opportunities to form a better life and future of their own. Immigrants from foreign countries should be allowed to form their own future and life without dealing with any problems because of the law.

"What's most important is that children of Latino immigrants must be prepared for higher education. That involves starting education early and preparing them for a labor market that can support them. This is critical for the future of the U.S. If we don't address this issue, major problems will arise."

-Children of Latin immigrants should receive a proper education here in the U.S. so that they could get a job in the future and possibly a better future of their own.


Many other people in the U.S. believe that immigration should remain illegal because we're allowing much more criminals into our country such as thieves, gang members, and drug dealers. Illegal immigration can also cause many U.S. citizens to pay much more taxes on immigrants, violence of gangs, an increase of drug cartels, and problems with hospitals. Citizens are forced to pay taxes where some are used to help support immigrants and many gangs and drug cartels have caused violence and conflicts which can be understandable to why immigration should remain illegal. Some hospitals in California have struggled financially to remain open but majority of immigrants are poor which leaves them unable to pay their bills and the hospitals unable to function without money. Dozens of hospitals in California were forced to shut down and it leaves California's health care system on the verge of collapse.