Communications and Employability

What are employers looking for?

Skills in the workplace

A big must in the industry these days is technical knowledge, without the use of technology most businesses would be a crumpled piece of mess, the technology market is booming and businesses rely on people like you to know how to use a computer. It's not just about knowing how to browse the web or update your status on Facebook, it's about fixing what's went wrong, and employers love hearing you know the computer inside out.

Time management is a big one, get yourself into a body clock which will support you through the week and keep you refreshed, no more late nights and early starts, balance out the amount of hours your sleeping and try not to sleep during the day.

Get a diary! Start planning on the go, write down when you have to be somewhere and how you're going to get there, this starts to take the strain of your mind and makes sure you're not turning up to everything late.

You've got to sound like you want to be there, I know it might be hard but if you don't sound positive to the employer they're going to think you’re not suited to the job. Try smile even when you don't feel like it, you wouldn't believe the difference it makes.

Be independent, growing up is over, your mother or father isn't going to get you a job, you have to go out and do it yourself, be motivated!

You've got to be dependable, if employers don't think you're going to be there every time they call you in for something, they won't employ you, they won’t even bother emailing you back to tell you that you haven't got the job, the problem in business these days is that employers can’t find dependable long working staff and if they don't think you fit that criteria, they won’t hire you.

Learn how to impress with just your voice, most people call it "Posh" but you wouldn't believe how easy it is to get employed with the voice of a rich man, employers like confidence, respectful and politeness in a person, if you have the chance to hold the door for them on the way out, do it! It's seriously going to help.

Communication Skills

The way you speak is the first impression the employer will get of you, present yourself in a professional way and always make sure you speak calm and slow, if you're used to saying slang words try not to in a sentence when speaking, tune your voice to a presentable and confident manor. Always remember to think before you speak.

Different tones for different people, if you're speaking to a child you naturally change the tone you speak and speak a lot more simple, if you're an adult and talking to a teenager it's a lot different.

Stay on task, when you're talking to somebody important make sure you don't loose track of words and start talking about random things like what you done yesterday or how delicious that pizza you had earlier was. This is a key skill not to "blag head" or loose their interest in you at all.

Be yourself. People love natural personality's, don't be fake and act like you have the same hobby's as everyone else, because in the end, it'll probably catch you up. People love a happy personality, someone who cheers up anyone in the office.

Interpersonal skills

Knowing a lot of different ways to speak in a employers eyes can be helpful, even if it's knowing another language it can impress the employer because it shows you know how to communicate in more than one way.

Learning special ways of speaking can be a winner, learning sign language can help customers and other members of staff, if someone with a hearing impairment walks into your workplace and nobody can sign to them, this could be vital for the business and your skills could come in use.

Keep in contact, easy ways to impress people and build stronger bonds with them would be to keep in contact with them, wether it's saying hello in the street or going on a meal with them and friends.

Body language is a key to being confident, it's natural to twiddle your thumbs or bite your nails when you're nervous but try your best to hide it, try twiddling you thumbs in your pocket instead.

Communication in writing

The biggest error in writing emails in a professional way is that when you naturally speak text to a friend you usually use emotions to show how you're feeling, don't do it to employers, this is a big put off to employers, they don't want their documents handed in with smiley faces and emotions allover it.

Spelling and grammar is presentable and the right way to speak, it show's your education and the way you act, learning key grammar like you're, your and their, there and they're. people seem to dislike it when they don't use the right words so try your best not to do it.

Check over your letters and emails, it's important to proof read your work to make sure for spelling mistakes and errors, sometimes we leave our letters on the end of sentences because we're typing too fast, but try keep if error free.

Spell checking apps are great for writing because it can point out anything that's wrong with your wording and even point out grammar errors, it's best to get a high quality spellchecker because some don't point out typical errors like you're and your.

Keep on track. Make sure you don't keep going off speaking a load of nonsense, this can lead people away and bore people and waste their time.