May SUPER Incentive for ALL you ROCK STAR DIVAS!!


Ok girls!! Boy do I have an incentive for you!!! May is our month to build it big and make lots of money for the summer!! Our NEW bags are making a big 'splash' with all the beach goers and ladies are in the mood to freshen up their wardrobes with all of our FABULOUS accessories!!! Pop up shows have never been easier and if I can make one suggestion-DON'T OVER THINK IT!!! Just make phone calls to your who do you know list, send a quick message to your friends and past hostesses! The key is to be EXCITED and not to feel like you think they are going to say 'no'...for every 8 no's, you will get a 'yes'! Happens with me too!! It is the nature of this business but the rewards are far worth the effort <3 TRUST ME!! Speaking of rewards and recognition....Lets get to it!!

I first would like to recognize our leaders in sales this month!!! Wow--the girls just didn't give up!! And their little 'blue card' shows it :)

**************TOP IN SALES**************

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*************ANGIE SELLERS*************

Angie had a kicking BUTT month not only in sales but she also sponsored her second stylist and is on her way to promoting to Senior Stylist---all the while working full time as a teacher, being a wonderful wife with 3 ADORABLE kids and a husband in dental school Congratulations Angie!! YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!!

All Things Hoopla!!

Congrats to all of you that have registered and decided to build your business big!! It's not too late to register for the Early Bird Special for the most FUN you will have ALL YEAR--In VEGAS BABY! Early Bird Registration ends May 5th to get your swag bag that will include $300 in FREE product from the NEW FALL LINE!! I have one room reserved and can add another if anyone wants to go and hasn't made reservations yet. Please email or text me and let me know if you are for sure registered for Hoopla!! Lots of surprises are awaiting you at Hoopla--so don't miss out on the early bird registration!!! Here is the link to register!!

Those who attend Hoopla have a 6 fold increase in their business the following year!! An event not to be missed!! <3


Who wants some Tory Burch FLIP FLOPS??? Get ready to be in serious style this summer!! EVERY stylist on our team that hits 1500 PCV ($2308 in sales) this month-the month of May- will receive their choice of Tory Burch Flip Flops---yes you heard me right, no drawing, everyone can win!!! AND--everyone that sponsors 1 or more new stylists by the end of the month will receive a 'How Does She Do It' tote of their choice!! If you do both-you receive both gifts! AND!!! ( I'm not finished yet) If you do both, I will reimburse you half of your Hoopla sign up fee! That's $100 back in your pocket for simply selling, sponsoring and doing what you LOVE!! GOOD LUCK!!

I am here to help you!!

If you would like a coaching call or sponsor someone and would like help coaching them, just let me know!! I am always here to help you and I am just a phone call away <3 Let's make May our biggest month ever and earn some summer $$ on our little blue card !!