In a relationship with: Haemon


My name is Antigone, I am a woman of my word, and I will stop at nothing until I see my brother, Polyneices get a proper burial even if that means rebelling against my own uncle... The King of Thebes. Loyalty means everything to me, whether to my family, or to the God's, is something I hold most sacred. I have been trying to have my sister Ismene help me. Ismene is too afraid of the consequences and thinks that we are just weak women. Ismene believes that I am on a "hopeless quest", and feels that I am irrational. If only she could see this from my prospective, i have one brother who has been disgraced by Creon and one who has been graced. Ismene is afraid for me but refuses to help me. She says for me not to speak of this to anyone and that she will keep my secret. I say, "Shout it from the roof tops, don't hold my silence. Tell the world." "I will suffer nothing as great as death without glory."

Creon: You should not defy me my niece and soon to be daughter in law. Haemon nor i will never forgive you

Haemon: You can not speak on my behalf father, my love for Antigone is far too strong.

Antigone: In order to get a better understanding for my reasoning in all of this, watch this...