Spring Time!

April 2015

Brandon and Faith

Brandon continues to love to run and play. He is now skipping everywhere. (He learned this in gymnastics class). Brandon celebrated his 2nd Birthday this month! He loves all toys with wheels, especially his radio flyer bike. He has really progressed in the last month with his cognitive skills. He can identify well over 50 objects in his books when asked. He continues to have great receptive language and is delayed with his expressive language. He has begun babbling quite a bit more. One day I'm sure he will just start talking sentences. Brandon also has many teeth now and they continue to come in.

Faith is cruising and walking (with her walkers assistance) everywhere. She also enjoys playing with her "Buba" aka Brandon. She is completely done with bottles and is only drinking from sippy cups. She babbles all day. She will be taking her first solo step any day now. Faith is getting her first tooth on the bottom and the other one is not far behind.

We visited the inside of the astrodome, went to the park, loved to ride bikes outside and went to the zoo this month!