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Best Women’s Shoes for Different Activities; Built for Specific Activities

A good pair of shoes is the bread and butter of an individual who loves to move, particularly the ones which loves to workout. Your feet are what makes you move. If it does not feel comfortable with what you are wearing, it might affect how you perform and makes you more prone to injuries. That is why you need to have the best pair of shoes for your feet sake.

This also holds true for women’s shoes. If you may have noticed, the number of women who are health conscious has been on the rise. To stay fit has become necessary, especially in this generation where looks are everything. That is why the need to find the best pair has become a necessity and the previous standards in women’s shoes has changed over the course of time.

For every activity that one is about to do, there is a perfect shoe for it. In the past, women’s shoes or shoes in general needs to fit the feet perfectly. At times, it may be too perfect that it can be too tight. However, this was the standard in previous times, but the past is not the same as before.

In order to find the perfect pair of women’s shoes for every activity, some individuals have conducted their own research. In the study, they asked certain individuals to wear a specific number of shoes that is used for extreme activity.

As the study ended, they were able to determine the best pair of women’s shoes which would fit well for different activities.

For fast walking, the best pair of women’s and Men’s shoes would be the New Balance 860. It is the perfect fit because it has a very flexible toe area that allows for easier movement at the toe area. It allows for easier pushing. In addition, with enough ankle padding, your heel will still fit snugly into the area. The mesh is also able to get cold and wind out of the area.

Brooks Trance 10 is the best one for running intervals. This is the perfect pair of women’s shoes for the people who shifts speeds during their jog. It is best for high impact running and still flexible enough for the rolling motion during the walk since its toe is still soft.

The best pair of women’s shoes for hiking is Ahnu Rockridge II. It is soft enough to provide comfort for your feet as you go up steep hikes, and since it is lightweight, your feet do not get fatigued easily. In addition, its soles are designed to provide enough traction to avoid slipping during your hiking adventures.

The Bullet from Saucony has proved itself to have just the right amount of arch to help support your running errands. It leaves the feet very comfortable in spite of the high impact activity that you may be doing along the way.

The best pair of women’s shoes is always one that provides you comfort. With the kind of technology that they are applying in the creation of these shoes, you might see more coming in the future.

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