Hurricane Katrina

A Personal Narrative By Me Hurricane Katrina aka Ayla


Before the storm, New Orleans was having a rough day already. They were having some pretty big rain showers. On August 28, 2005 the day before the storm, the Mayor of New Orleans, announced a mandatory evacuation. One other place he said would be safe is the super dome. Also on that day people started to evacuate the city. One fun fact is, on August 29, 2015 was the 10 year anniversary of the major storm, Hurricane Katrina. That is a lot of years since the storm.

Where it Took Place, What Year and Date

The storm took major damage to these four places, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and can you guess, you got it, New Orleans. Although the storm only did major damage to those places, it struck the Gulf Coast of the U.S. The winds that we had got up to 140 m.p.h! it got as low as 100 m.p.h. And it was everything in between.

Damage Done

As I said in the paragraph above, the storm affected or did major damage to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and New Orleans. The damage was atrocious. Referring to the story, Upside Down In The Middle Of Nowhere, The storm happened. It said trees got knocked down. That might give you a good idea of how much damage if one fell on to a house. Armani, the main character said that the water was 12 inches from her rooftop! That hopefully gave you a good idea of how high the water was. Now I am referring to real life. Some people had to stay on the roof for a couple hours to a couple of days depending on the height of the water level and how long it took for people to rescue them.
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After the Storm

After the storm was complete, the water stayed really high. It stayed like that for a couple of days. The damage was worse after you could actually see what it was like. The super dome was crazy! There were a lot of people inside and there were a lot of people in line to go inside!
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Sorry to Say This is the End

I hoped you learned how serious hurricanes are. One more fun fact is that Katrina is only the 3rd strongest and largest hurricane to happen. What I hoped you learned is the winds, damage, flooding, and about the book, Upside Down In The Middle Of Nowhere
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