The life of ghandi

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Gandhi was a strong and settled man of his own self. He was a lawyer and he stood up for his kind. Gandhi was a big father of the independence of the people. Gandhi was a good man of the things that he did and if you want to find out then i suggest that you stick around for a little bite.

Child Hood

The child hood for Gandhi was harsh but he would survive. Gandhi got married to a girl that he liked and he was 13 at the age and he was young. At the age of Gandhi he was 18 and he went to London to have a education for college and after that time he came back to his country to be a lawyer and to protect the ones he loved.

His Movements

Gandhi was a lawyer and he had lots of people that fallowed him around to protest and then also had a hand full of people that was trusting him for their life. They are many reasons about why they trusted him in hands but these reasons was special to him. His parents fowled him to be on his side to hope they have something in hands and for him to have a life

His life

Gandhi had a life that he deserved in a good way of passion. Some people did not thank he was a good person. These people did lots of things that did not thank he would do the stuff in there minds so they protested to him just to get him to stop. He had a legacy and had moments of his good life that was condenser a good man. When he was about 50 he went to jail because they protested and they got him in a great strike. Gandhi was a passional person and he was a great man of honor.


Although that Gandhi was a passional person and a strong man he did a lot of things in his life and these things will stay in every bobdys mind and never for get the great things he did in his life. The man we know today i will never forget him.