From Peanuts to Peanut Butter

By: Grayson Edwards 3AS


Do you ever wonder how peanut butter is made? Come on follow me let's see how peanut butter is made. Let's see how peanut butter is made.


The peanuts journey begins underground. There is a seed and it's called a peanut seed. A farmer harvest them with a machine called a digger. Then the peanuts are shipped to a factory.


At the factory, the nuts travel through a hot air roster. The peanuts go through a machine called the blancher. The peanuts go through a steel container. The other ingredients go in. Then the original peanut butter goes in a jar and is ready to be shipped to the store.


The grocery store gets the peanut butter from the factory and sells it to customers. Customers put the peanut butter on sandwiches and put it on crackers or celery.

Fun Facts

Did you know that there are fun facts for this product named peanut butter? Well here are the fun facts : First, it takes over 500 grams to make a jar of peanut butter. Second, farmers use machinery to loosen the plant and cut it free from the root. Third, natural peanut butter has no stabilizer but may contain natural sweeteners and salt.


Now you know how to make peanut butter. Go eat some sandwiches if you want.
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