Health Tips



have you ever thought about eating nutrients and if haven't you should it's really good for you .Also food labels is the most healthys thing ever because it tells you what in your food. You should also follow dietary gide lines it will keep you on track.

Dietary gide lines

Dietary gide lines help you stay health. you should 21/1 half of vegetables and eat the right amount of nutrients and don't eat a lot of sugar you should eat 1/4 half of salt. And eat 3 cups of dairy each day eat fruits and vegetable twice a day if you eat vege you will grow.Dietary gide lines is healthy for you.

Food labels

food labels helps you now whats in your food . Food label helps you stay healthy.Eat foods that have 5 or less Food labels give you information on your food .On food labels you will find whats in your food and the first thing you should look at is the label.Food labels have the thing that are in your food and food labels have a lots of ingrdient like sugar,protein .If you don't check the label you can be eating something unhealthy.


food labels are inportent thing ever because it has the 6 nutrients in it the food that we eat also you can follow a gide line to keep you healthy and it is really good for you. Nutrients helps you live right and keep you healthy also nutriens helps you grow.