Mrs. Shahnavaz's Kindergarten

March 4-8

Peek At Our Week

Reading: Partner reading strategies (taking turns reading, talking about the text, sitting elbow to elbow/knee to knee with your partner.

Phonics: Words that rhyme with glow and blow.

Star Words: Him, That

Math: Subtraction (what it means, how to show it, using the minus sign, story problems)

Writer's Workshop: We started our Young Author's books this week (see below for more info)

Science: Habitats

New Guided Math Format

Our math block has changed a bit since the beginning of the year, and I just want to let you know about its format. I have three groups, which allows me to differentiate instruction and allow time for independent practice of important skills. The first 15 minutes of the hour long block is a whole group lesson and math meeting, where we learn new concepts and practice/review previously learned material (spiral review.) Next, I meet with one group of students, while the other two groups are working on either math games or seatwork (application of necessary skills) and the groups rotate each 15 minutes. During this time, the students are given activities to complete independently or with a partner and are expected to stay on task the entire 13 minute time (with a 2 minute clean up) so that I can work with the groups. This is an identical structure to our reading block in the morning, but it's new for math. I have done a lot of modeling with the kids of appropriate behavior and expectations: I should see them doing math and hear math talk. I am really enjoying my work with these groups and challenging them to learn more and more. As I was telling one of the students today, I love to see their "light bulbs" go off when they learn something new, and I am seeing students take ownership of their learning by helping explain concepts to each other.

Young Author's Books

Each spring, students at Brooks School get the opportunity to publish their own books. We have been provided with a blank board-type book (kind of like the ones for young children) which will most certainly become a treasured keepsake of your child's Kindergarten experience. In Kindergarten, we are writing pattern books. Our class will be alphabet books based on the letters in their names. We have been working on the rough drafts of these pages this week, and I think they will be so fun for the kids to share with their families and friends. I will be needing some help with publishing these books. This would entail coming in during the day, preferably during writer's workshop from 12:40-1:25. You would be helping me supervise children in publishing their books (copying their texts and illustrating their books with SHARPIES!!) We would need parent volunteers this Wednesday - Friday, and again the following week. I will put an invitation on Volunteer Spot so you can sign up if you are able.

Items Needed in Our Class

1. Sharpies for publishing Young Author's books (in any color.)

2. Crayons

3. Cardstock (white)

Thank you so much for your help!!