Mo'ne Davis

By: Eduardo Rodriguez Per 3

LIttle League

Did you say 70 MPH Fastball? Yes, Yes I did.
At her age the average fastball is 50 MPH. She has the arm as a high school or college player.
Even thought her arm is 15% percent shorter than major league baseball players.

Changing Sports

Mo'ne Davis is one of two girls that played in the American Little League of 2014. First girl to win the Little League World Series. She is the first African-American girl to play in the little league.

Early Life

Mo'ne Davis born 2001 in South Philadelphia, now she 13 years old. The parents of Mo'ne Davis are Lamar Davis and Lakeisha McLean. Davis lives with her mother and her Stepfather Mark Williams. Since at a young age Davis always played sports, weather is was football, baseball, basketball and more. Mo'ne Davis has natural talent when it comes to sports " Her eyes were just glued on the drill and when it came to her turn, she went through it like she been doing it a thousand times." (Steve Bandura)(Basketball practice). Mo'ne Davis loves being an athlete, she loves all sports. Born to be one of the greatest athletes in the world today.

Aspects of life

Activism: What can Mo'ne Davis do?

Mo'ne Davis is a pitcher in the 2014 Little League World Series, For the Mid-Atlantic Region. Davis can throw a 70 MPH fastball, she is one of the best. She is the fist girl toearned a win and to pitch a shutout in the Little league World Series. Mo'ne Davis proven the fact that throwing like a girl, is better than throwing like a boy. Davis goals is to be a professional baseball player in the future and soon to be. Davis has been on ESPN for her games, she was on Sports Illustrates front cover, praised by Ellen DeGeneres. "I never thought at the age of 13 I'd be a role model, I always wanted to be a role model, but being a baseball role model is really cool." (Davis Quote to ESPN)


Definition of Hero: A hero or heroine is a person who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage or self-sacrifice.

Mo'ne Davis represents what being a hero is, she is a hard worker, strong and caring. Mo'ne Davis grew up hearing girls can't do what boys can, boys are better. She denied that, she is plays basketball, baseball with boys. She is one of the best pitchers in the 2014 Little league world series. She breaks through everyday challenges. She is a role model to young girls that are in sports. Mo'ne Davis cannot be stop, she is one of the biggest Athletes here today.