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Information For Pathfinder Families / July 30th


Welcome Back!

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and is getting a chance to spend time with friends and family. After the struggles that we all encountered with the pandemic, it is nice to get back to some sense of normalcy. We will be providing periodic updates via our Pathfinder Press as we lead up to the school year so that you are aware of what to expect for the our District Opening Plan, back to school events, and items needed to be begin the school year.

Our office staff is back in the building and we can be contact using the following means:

Phone: (816) 436-6670

In-Person: Office hours are 8:00 to 4:00


Devin Doll / Principal (

Anna Bohn / Assistant Principal (

Kelli Woods / Administrative Assistant (

Traci Ruwe / Administrative Assistant (



Level Up With Leadership!

Pathfinder Elementary is a Leader In Me school. Our students and staff select a theme for each school year. This year our theme is "Level Up With Leadership!" Every student will receive a Leader In Me themed shirt that is purchased by our Pathfinder PTA. Students will wear the shirts during our student assemblies, when they meet their Wildly Important Goal (WIG) that they set for themselves each quarter, and on PLC Days. We will be collecting your child's T-shirt size during our Meet Your Teacher night.


2021-22 Substitutes Needed

A vital part of our continuous improvement efforts in the Platte County School District is to recruit and retain high quality staff. This extends to our substitutes that we utilize through out the school year. We are currently recruiting substitutes throughout our school district for the 2021-22 school year. If you are wanting to gain additional information please visit the following site:

Platte County School District Substitute Information

Substitute Teacher pay is $105.00 a day or $14.00 an hour. A full day for a Substitute Teacher is 7.5 hours a day. If a Substitute Teacher works 6.5 hours a day they are paid the full $105.00. If a Substitute works less than 6.5 hours a day, they are paid hourly.


Teacher Reveal Letters / August 11th

Teacher reveal letters will be mailed home to families on August 11th for those who have completed 2021-22 re-enrollment paperwork and provided proof of residency. The letter will notify families who their child's teacher is for the upcoming school year. Your child will not be assigned a teacher until you provide the needed re-enrollment or proof of residency paperwork.


Meet Your Teacher Night

Mark your calendar for Thursday, August 19th from 5:00 to 7:00 PM for Meet Your Teacher Night. This is an open house format where families are able to come to school to visit their child's classroom, drop off school supplies, and check out many of our community organizations.


Online School Supplies

Bypass the lines this summer and order your school supplies online today. The deadline has passed for them to be delivered to school, but instead they will be delivered to your house. YOu can get free shipping for orders over $50.00! The website for ordering is linked below.
School Tool Box

Order your school supplies online and they will ship directly to your house!


2021-22 School Supplies

Below you will find a screenshot of our school supply list that links to the actual list. The list can also be found on our school website!


Updated Proof of Residency

As part of a continued focus on maintaining fiscal accountability, ensuring our tax dollars are spent on Platte County R-3 students, the District requires proof of residency for all returning students annually.

Please see attached instructions and webpage. If you have multiple students in the District, only one proof of residency is required.

Proof of Residency verification will need to be completed in-person between the times of 8:00 and 4:00, Monday-Friday.


2021-22 School Dates and Events

I know we have a lot of planners out there and we wanted to provide you with some important dates for the upcoming school year.
  • New Student Enrollment: August 2nd - 13th (7:30-3:30) / August 10th (12:00 to 7:00)
  • Teacher Reveal Letters: August 11th mailed home
  • Meet Your Teacher Night: August 19th (5:00 to 7:00)
  • First Day of School: August 24th


Pathfinder Resource Checklist

Hello Pirate Families! At the beginning and middle of each school year, we ask parents and guardians to fill out our Resource Checklist on paper. This year we are asking you to complete the Resource Checklist electronically using this form. This brief questionnaire is your School Social Worker's first and primary way to help you access support services. It also lets us know if you are interested in giving back to your school community. Please do not hesitate to contact your School Social Worker if you have any questions.
Pathfinder Resource Needs Checklist

If you have further questions please contact our school social work, Heather Schuller, at


Keep In Contact With Us!

We want families to stay connected to all Pathfinder information. In addition, we invite you to visit our social media and platforms below.

You can always pick up the phone and give us a call anytime. The school number is 816.436.6670. If you have a specific question for administration, please email us at (Dr. Devin Doll, Principal) or (Mrs. Anna Bohn, Assistant Principal).