Much Ado About Nothing

By: Carly Wargo

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Claudio- Michael Cera

Both are your average run-of-the-mill white males. They both have a certain weakness to them and are eager to find someone. Michael Cera and Claudio are both dependent on others.
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Hero- Taylor Swift

Hero is like Taylor Swift because they are both fail females who are very dependent on men in their lives. Hero can't live without having Claudio in her life and Taylor Swift contantly needs to be with a man and creates her life off of that. They both are women with no control and need help.
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Benedick- Ryan Reynolds

Benedick is like Ryan Reynolds because they are both very humorous men. They both constantly tell jokes and use humor throughout their lives. Another way that they are similar is that they are both very strong men with a lot of power.
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Masquerade Ball

This was an important event because many things happened during this ball since Don Pedro disguised himself as Claudio to declare his love with Hero leading to rumors that Don Pedro wants Hero for himself which Claudio finds out about when Don John tells him. This is also important since Beatrice dances with Benedick and insults him to his face without knowing that it is him. This moves the plot along since it sets the stage for what is to come later. This reveals a lot about each characters personality, beliefs, and how they view the other characters.
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Hero's Death

This was an important part of the play since everyone believed that Hero had died due to lies about her. This was significant to the plot because everyone will soon regret that they believed that Hero was unfaithful. This showed how much of a troublemaker Don John was for making up this lie.
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The wedding at the end was an important part because later Claudio was made to believe that he was then marrying Hero's cousin but then it ends up being Hero and she is alive. This was a large part of the play because it was the big ending and surprise to a lot of the characters that Hero is alive and her and Claudio get married. This showed how the characters were surprised to see Hero alive and marrying Claudio.
Miike Snow | Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan- Miike Snow

This song illustrates the theme of jealousy because it is about the singer being protective of their lover and being jealous when they are with someone else. The lyrics "But the waves hit my head, To think someones in your bed" applies to Claudio not being happy when he finds out about Hero being unfaithful to him. This relates to the rumor of when Hero was with Borachio making her unchaste. The lyrics "I don't want to to get it on, With nobody else but me" also applies to Hero being deemed unchaste and unfaithful to Claudio. This relates to this because Claudio gets angry at Hero at the wedding for seeing her with another man which shows how jealous he is.