Morgan Math Munchies

4th Grade Mrs. Miller

The Times are in...

Students were asked to time themselves completing the set of facts at the end of September and again a couple of weeks ago. Times are in and calculations have been made ...Morgan fourth graders have shaved a whopping 770 minutes off their fact time. That's over 13 minutes per student (on the average)!!!! AMAZING. We continue to use those facts on a daily basis and it really helps that the students have gained fluency with them. I will be returning to the students their individual times this week and you can look and see how much your student has shaved off their time. Keep up the great work.


We have added, subtracted, multiplied, divided, compared, and made equivalent fractions. Students have done an amazing job working with these parts. We will continue to review these concepts and put into practice through application of fractions problems. On March 18, students will take a mastery test over the concepts. A study guide will will be coming home later this week.

Math testing this week

This week we will be PARCC testing on Tuesday and Thursday for Math. Please keep your normal schedules this week and make sure students have a good breakfast as always.


A final note/reminder... student have homework this weekend. Please make sure they have completed the pages for tomorrow. Thanks!

Have a great week!