Prayer Postcard

Joelle's Monthly Prayer Letter

'Truly, truly I say to you, you will see heaven opened and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.' John 1:51

A few weeks ago all of us newcomers to Omf went to visit Angkor Wat. I had been to Angkor Wat numerous times before, but this was the first time I had visited it with a guide. In the middle of Angkor Wat is a higher temple, accessible only by very steep steps; so steep, that they need to be climbed on all fours. The guide explained that the steps represent the stairway to heaven and so have been made deliberately hard to climb. The guide then made an interesting throw away comment; 'of course some religions say you can just have all your sins wiped away and enter heaven just like that'. The fact that the Cross has opened the gateway to heaven and made it possible for all to enter freely is a constant stumbling block for those taught that to enter heaven you must first earn merit. They view the cross as cheap and easy, when the truth is that not in all history has a greater price has ever been paid. This is just one of the stumbling blocks I am faced with in my weekly Bible Study. Over the next few weeks I will teaching about the Cross. Please pray I will be able to explain clearly the great price paid by both father and son at Calvary.

Other Prayer Requests...

Please pray for Sophorn, a friend who since I have been in the UK stopped going to Church and has married a non-christian. She has been going to Church with me again these past few weeks and is keen for her husband and sister in law to know Jesus. I suggested I came to her house and read the Bible with them all. She got very excited and said she would ask them. Please pray it works out.

Please pray for my health. I have been sick on and off this month. I have had worms twice since being back and have been sick again this past weekend with stomach problems. I am keen to not miss anymore University classes and get my energy back.

Please pray for wisdom with regards to teaching English classes at my Church. There has been a months gap between the last teacher left and I started. The children have got out of the routine of coming and have not been turning up. Do we try to re-launch the classes or just let it be and think of other ways to reach out to this community?

Please pray for the National Election on Sunday 28th July. The Opposition Party have really gained momentum and the streets have been packed with rallies everyday. For 30 years the people have been too scared to speak against the very corrupt ruling party, but this year has been different. It has been really exciting to see the Cambodian people wake up and demand more for their country.