By Lauren Burroughs


Around the Indus River in India

How did it spread

Hinduism didn't spread through missionaries. Hindus don't see Hinduism as a religion but as a way of life, so this religion has primarily stayed within the Indian race and country. Through trade and people migrating to other places Hindus took their beliefs and practices to other regions and cultures of the world.

Where is this most influential?

India, parts of Africa and Southeast Asia

How many followers?

About 1 billion

Monotheistic or polytheistic?


Major deities

There are over 300 million gods but the major ones are:

  • Shiva
  • Vishnu
  • Shakti

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There is no certain founder of this religion. It was established around 2000 BC.

Holy Text

  • Sruti
  • Smruti
  • Vedas

Organization of religious leaders

There are no specific religious leaders overall, which leads to no overall organization.


Hindus believe that all people are stuck in an endless cycle of rebirth and death, and your karma determines what you return as in your next life.they have a set cast and social system that you are born into and you have to do what your parents and ancestors do. Their ultimate goal is to get to moksha, or to break out of the endless cycle and get their soul to unite with Brahman. Brahman is the god or figure that all of their gods manifested from.


There are four major sects:

  • Shaktism

  • Saivism

  • Vaishnavism

  • Smartism