The Lawrence Weekly News 3/14/17

By: Jayden, Natalie, Zavier, and Madison

Prepare For Those Waves! The Beach Bash is Coming!!! // Top Story // By: Natalie Cebulko

The Annual Beach Bash is on Saturday, March 25th, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. There will be all kinds of activities: Tattoos, Candy Bar Walk, Games, Food, Prizes, and Silent Auctions. This year, Mrs. Lawrence's classroom auction basket theme is: Ice Cream. So far, people have donated little ice cream bowls, coupons for ice cream, and MORE! Wristbands are $10 for preorder, which were due on Monday, and $15 at the doors before you enter the Beach Bash! We hope you go and have a good time there!

Volunteer // Lawrence Custom Story // By: Madison Clark

This weeks volunteer is: Madison Clark

"This is a great chance for you to help the news people and be part of the newspaper that week. I think the volunteer thing is a good thing to do because we can help that week and some of us want to be a part of it. So put your name in to be selected for next week's volunteer!" ~Madison Clark, 3/14/17 Weekly News Volunteer Reporter

What We Are Doing // Lawrence Custom Story // By: Madison Clark

Writing: We are making our hard-cover books.

Math: 4th- adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Learning Improper fractions.

5th- multiplying and dividing mixed numbers

Science: We examined open and closed circuits and discovered the difference between parallel and series circuits

Reading: We read a nonfiction article on Navajo Code Talkers during World War II. We learned vocabulary and discussed cause and effect of secret codes during war.

BOOK FAIR!!! // Books // By: Natalie Cebulko

This week, two reporters from Lawrence Weekly News visited the Book Fair while it was in session. The Book Fair was set up this past week, and it looked truly AMAZING! The Book Fair included authors Raina Telgemier, R.J. Palacio, and the book Weird But True! Here are some pictures of the book fair.

Weather For March 17 to 24 // Weather // By: Natalie Cebulko

Friday, March 17: Showers with a high of 44 degrees

Saturday, March 18: Mostly Cloudy with a high of 42 degrees

Sunday, March 19: Mostly Sunny with a high of 52 degrees

Monday, March 20: PM Showers with a high of 60 degrees

Tuesday, March 21: Partly Cloudy with a high of 49 degrees

Wednesday, March 22: Showers and a high of 65 degrees

Reminders ///by Madison clark

Beach Bash- March 25

Spring Break - March 31 thru April 9

Spring Field Trip- May 11

Last School day for students - May 25

Riddle of the week /// riddle /// by Madison Clark

Last week's answer: footsteps

This week's riddle : What always sleeps with its shoes on?

Research of the week//by: Jayden rucker//

This week's winner for research is: Mallory! She researched who made the first electric motor and wrote a paragraph about his life. Mallory also made a fabulous diagram of the first electric motor and created a timeline of Faraday's life. Awesome effort, Mallory!

Story of the Week written by Lydia Huria

I'm Lydia and I'm going to tell you about the book I am writing. This book is kind of an intro to the other books in the series; hence, the title: The Crystal Wings: An Intro. After much drama, Peril, the main character, throws up a special necklace. This necklace has powers that take the main character through many adventures. My first book ends in history class. I plan on writing more books that go with this series.