The Sun, The Moon, The Earth

By Kayley Randall and Grace Cerroni

Guiding question~ How does the Moon rotate around the Earth.

  1. Because of the Gravitational pull. Gravity pulls the Moon intact to the Earth where the Earth's gravitational pull causes the to Moon rotate around the Earth.

Googles answer :D

  1. Because of the effect on the Moon of tidal forces due to the Earth, the same side of the moon always faces the Earth. In other words, it takes the Moon the same amount of time to rotate around once as it does for the Moon to go around the Earth once.

Some space pictures :)

Frequently asked questions

1. What would happen if the moon gets to far from the earth?

2. The moon moves around the earth, how does it not fly off?

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Rotate- an action of rotating around a center or axis.

Revolve- move in a circle on a central axis or move in a circular orbit around.

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