Altered Consciousness

By Lucia and Jaleena

Unit 5/Chapter 5

Psychoactive Drugs- a substance that alters perception and mood.
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a drug that increases the activity in your brain
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a drug that decreases the activity in your brain
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drugs that relieve pain and produce euphoria
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Psychedelic Drugs

Consciousness-altering drugs that produce hallucinations, change thought process, time and speed
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Increased resistance to a drugs effects accompanying continued use
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Stopping use of a drug, users experience withdrawal effects
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Craving for a chemical substance despite consequences
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Absence of a drug may lead to a feeling of physical pain, intense cravings and negative emotions
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Using psychoactive drugs, be it to find pleasure or to avoid pain, can harm health and cause social problems both in the short and longer term.
Psychoactive drugs affect communication between brain cells in certain regions of the brain. For instance, some drugs mimic and others block the effects of naturally occurring molecules that carry specific messages from one brain cell to another.
Drug addiction is more common among people with mental disorders than among the general population. For example, people with mental disorders are more likely to be alcohol dependent at some stage in their lives than people without a mental illness.