Local News Update


Currently Afghanistan is going through very harsh winters. At least two children have already died. The bitter winters are going to get even worse. Crammed with tens of thousands of Afghans who have fled violence or desperate poverty, despite a drive by aid groups like the U.N aid groups to prepare for sub-zero temperatures

Another thing that is going on in Afghanistan is the troops of Afghanistan want to stay and fight but the government does not and the troops want to decide there future not the government. The U.S. is trying to support Afghan government.

Also another thing that is going on in Afghanistan is the U.S is giving a fleet of drones to Afghanistan. Obama and Hamid-kiarzai are having meetings at the president palace to decide if there is going to be war or peace.


Banks seek u.s help an Iran cyber attacks. financial firms have spent millions of dollars responding to attacks, according to bank officials, who add they cant be expected to fend off attacks from a foren government.

In other news, bad weather strains released iranians at airport. 50 iranians headed home after being freed by syrian rebels in prisoner swap were stranded on thursday at damiscus airport by bad weather that swept the middle east.

Also happening iran president: sanction fight requires oil shift. President mahamid ahamidejad said wednesday iran must move away from indepindence on oil revonue to overcome western sanctions that have slowed the economy. And disrupted foren trade. Iranian officials described Islamic republics reliance on crude oil exports as weakness.


more than 35 people died in a suicide attack and bombings in northern Iraq and Baghdad on Wednesday, worsening sectarian strife as prime minister Nurial-Maliki faces mounting pressure from monority Sunni Muslims and Kurds.

In other news, the u.s. army security assistance command with u.s. army aviation and missile command and program executive office aviation facilitated and delivered 3 bell 407 scout helicopters to the Iraqi army.

Now for the weather, a dust storm blew across the Arabian Penninsula in mid -late march2012. The storm fell along the Syria Iraq border on march 17.