Down By The Brook...

May 1st, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week

I know many folks say it about their school, but Shady Brook truly has the best staff. This week, the PTO and Admin look forward to showing our appreciation. While we don't want to give away any surprises, we want to let you know that you don't need to plan to eat breakfast on Monday (tomorrow) or bring a lunch on Wednesday. We've got more in store, but half the fun is the surprise, isn't it?

End of Year NCEES Closeout

As Josh and I finish out final evaluations of the 3rd round, it is also time to complete your PDP. During the next two weeks, please find time to log in and document your End Of Year progress on your PDP goals. I believe the NCEES path to do so has been completed on everyone's, but if you run into trouble please email me and we'll get it straightened out.

EVAAS Roster Verification

Classroom teachers; I understand everyone received their fun EVAAS automated email early this week. The good news, I'll handle all the nuts and bolts, calculations and percentages for you. And I'll also provide you with plenty of time to check my work, and ensure that everything is correct and fits nicely.

What we should have, however, is a brief discussion about EVAAS, a reminder of what it is and what it measures, and how your team would like to distribute the responsibility (percentages) for the kids, and an explanation of how Angie Beck fits into the equation. If you can, please place me either on your CTM or 45 planning session of your choice next week, and I'll swing by!

Non-Certified Evaluations

It's time to complete Shady Brook's Evaluations for non-certified employees. I'm trying to keep it as consistent as I can with years past, in an effort to balance the "PLC mentality" of shared decision making. As a team, please complete the provided form for the IA's that work with your team (checkboxes and comments), and send it back electronically. If there are any areas you don't feel comfortable completing, please let me know and I'll be happy to help you out.

Earlier in the week, grade level teams received the evaluation form and an outline of who they will be working together to provide feedback for. Please let me know if you or your team have questions or concerns. While we certainly don't want to put anyone in an uncomfortable situation, I'm trying my best to follow the precedent established in previous years, without going overboard.

If you could have these submitted by Friday, May 13th, that would give me plenty of time to meet with each IA. Thank you very much!

3rd and 4th Grade Final Benchmark

Josh has been working tirelessly to ensure that this, and our EOG plan, will be efficient and work to the optimal benefit of all our students. 3rd and 4th will take the test on Wednesday (5/4) and Thursday (5/5). They will be taking the tests in their classrooms. 3rd grade Mod groups will be in the Music Room and 4th grade mod groups will be in the computer lab. Josh will have a detailed written outline of each students assigned location by Tuesday.

End of Year Celebrations

Thank you teams for mapping these out early, to help avoid congestive situations and provide the best possible experience for our students and families. Here is the schedule of events:

2nd Grade - Friday, June 3rd @ 1:00

1st Grade - Monday, June 6th @ 11:00

3rd Grade - Wednesday, June 8th @ 9:30

Kindergarten - Wednesday, June 8th @ 1:30

4th Grade - Thursday, June 9th @ 10:00

Perspective Check

I've seen the "Day Countdown" several different places around the school, and while I appreciate the enthusiasm, I wanted to make sure our perspective was well-aligned. We don't have 28 more days until Summer Break, we have 28 more days to make a difference for students. Everyone in this school has done, and continues to do, incredible work for each and every one of our students all year. I am so excited to continue this work all the way to the end. Based on our DE benchmark and mClass data, our students are in position to complete a very successful academic year. Let's finish strong, and make the most out of all of their, and our, incredible work.