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Meal Options At The Washington Speakers Bureau

Most everyone has heard of it, but not everyone truly understands who and what this organization represents. One might call it a speaking engagement organizer. There are many who refer to The Washington Speakers Bureau as a think tank where everyone involved in a world event sees it unfold on the news, and discusses approaches or solutions which benefit the objectives of the United States.

Finding these solutions is their primary responsibility, although they also take on duties such as organizing rescue effort abroad when a country endures a massive earthquake. Both parties work together toward the same goal, and often appear to be like old chums. This tends to make the people in America suspicious about our two-party candidate system and how they both seem to spout different propaganda, but always end up doing the same things.

It appears to make Americans uncomfortable to see members of opposing political parties enjoying the company of one-another as if they were childhood friends. However, in many cases they were, and they were raised to be politicians. Instinctively we know that the left/right paradigm is false, and that these politicians are not to be trusted.

On the Internet people have been able to connect various politicians and mark what other government stooges are around them, and they seem to spend a great deal of time with corporate CEO types. One might refer to these people as lobbyists. This is the most dangerous marriage between government and corporate interests that those of the generation of our grandparents wanted to.

Back in the 1970s, when the organization was first-formed, they established their corporate charter to include a blurb about how the audience of an event should walk away with imaginative visions of courage for the future. That is a bold statement to make if the agenda is actually to keep the status quot and arrest as many people as they possibly can.

Their original charter and focus was certainly a very positive one, and a good step for the country to take right after Vietnam. But now, the people who give the speech do not write their own work, and one must wonder if they even read it before they had to parrot it from the teleprompter. In the 50,000 speeches organized by this organization of well-meaning people, how much of their transmittal was actually edited by thew shadowy men and women up top.

Mr. Harry E. Rhoads, Jr. Is the CEO of the organization based out of their Alexandria, Virginia location. When he and the Swains established this organization, they had a vision of an industry being established that specialized in educational and informative lectures. Even if all intentions were flawless in the beginning, organizations as well as people can be manipulated and bought, and no one should ignore the unholy union between Hollywood, the news media, and politicians; all of whom influence public opinion.

Human beings would quite possibly, if left to their own devices, have a very peaceful coexistence with other humans. We might feel no particular need to harm one-another unless it was self defense. In fact, it is possible that human beings do not require anyone to lead them at all.

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