3rd Grade Newsletter

Week of 12/2-12/6

Thanksgiving Break 11/22-12/1

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Upcoming Events

Monday, December 2: Math PBL DUE - see information below

Monday, December 2 - Friday, December 13: Toy Drive (see graphic below)

Wednesday, December 11: Grinch Day - Wear green

Friday, December 13: Polar Express Day - Wear school appropriate pajamas

Wednesday, December 18: Colors for Caring Day

Friday, December 20: Early Release (Noon)

Winter Break 12/21- January 7th

Students return January 8, 2020!

Math, Math, and Math!

MATH PBL DUE 12/2 --- The day we get back from break!

For the grading of math homework, students who complete the homework each week will be given 10 points on their lowest daily grade for homework being completed. We feel that the extra practice of homework has been very helpful for the students completing the work and we want to reward the students for all their hard work.

When we are preparing for a Unit Assessment or Curriculum Based Assessment (CBA), we will continue sending home a review beforehand. For students who complete the test review and turn it in on test day each time, they will receive 10 points toward their test grade. The test review must be complete and work must be shown in order for the credit to be given.

Lastly, for the 3rd 6 weeks, we are assigning an at-home math project that will be used as a TEST GRADE. Project Based Learning is proven by research to be a helpful tool for students and teachers. It allows students to show their mastery/understanding of a topic without taking "another boring test." It can be fun to do and allows students to use their creativity. In this newsletter, we have included a PDF with all the information about the project as well as a PDF with the grading rubric we will be using. You will know exactly what we as the teachers are looking for from the project.

FOCUS of the Week

ELAR: I can identify and use coordinating conjunctions.

I can free write and illustrate a story.

Math: I can determine the area of a rectangle/square using multiplication. I can use strategies to multiply two-digit numbers by one-digit numbers using repeated addition and partial products.

Social Studies: I can identify services commonly provided by local government and explain how these services are financed. I can discuss ways individuals earn, spend, and save money and how this contributes to the community.

Science: I can investigate rapid changes in Earth's surface such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and landslides.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

If you missed out on Parent/Teacher conferences, it's not too late! We are here to partner with you for your child's success. If you have questions or concerns, let us know. Please reach out to your child's teacher if you'd like to set up a time to meet.
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