All the information you need about networks!

What is a network?

A network is a software that connects numbers of computers together. There are several types of networks that you use every day and you don't even know you're using them!


The bus network carries data to different computers. This network is very simple but it has a disadvantage; the more computers in the network, the slower the data gets to all of the computers.

Ring network:

The ring network carries information in a circular pattern. It's very fast to get information but if one computer in the ring is faulty, then the whole network falls

Star Network:

A star network is a network that works a little differently to any of the others; it has all of your computers connected to a hub or a switch which makes a sort of star shape. Some of the advantages of this network is that it is very reliable and that no data collisions can occur. However, there are lots of disadvantages to this such as it is very expensive to install and if the hub or switch breaks, there will be no network connection.