Heir Apparent By:Vivian Vande Velde

An Audio Representation Our Book:

Arranged By: Min Kim, Blake Deckard, and Katelin Reznicek


The main character Giannine Bellisaro is caught in a game and if she doesn't find a way out or win the game before the time is out she will have a problem. Like the video, she will see fireworks and her brain will fry and she will have to sleep with the fishes.

Trick or Treat...

Giannine experienced being fraught with fear through out the whole book, and the song is a little spooky. Sometimes you have to go through things even when your are scared.

Nature and Forest

Sister Mary Ursula is the equivalent of a tree hugger. She believes in being one the world, and the world being one with her. This ecocentric character is very kind but can seem a little close minded about things like magic.

Stand By Me

An important clue Giannine was given: make allies that will stand by her and make good choices. If she makes to many irrevocable decisions, she wont make it out of the game alive.

Dream Police

This song directly relates to Giannine being trapped. Like Cheap trick was saying, the dream police are stuck inside of your head.

The Fox (Or the Wolf)

Wolfar, Giannine's stepbrother in the game has a interesting characteristic. He can turn into a wolf at will (wolf is the equivalent to dog. Besides his animal characteristics, he is very agile, smart and abrupt.