Classroom News

Mrs. LeCroy and Ms. Spencer

Classroom Newsletter 10-18-12

Mrs. LeCroy and Ms. Spencer

Charleston Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 18th 2012 at 4:30pm

1036 Ogden Road

Rock Hill, SC

Media Center- Come hear information concerning our Charleston Field Study!

Fall Festival

Thursday, Oct. 18th 2012 at 5:30pm

1036 Ogden Road

Rock Hill, SC

Come to the amphitheater in the outdoor classroom to purchase popcorn. Proceeds go to the Third Grade Charleston fund.

Camp Cherokee Field Study

Monday, Oct. 22nd 2012 at 8am

Camp Cherokee Road


Students may wear JEANS to school, but must wear tennis shoes and a collared (dress code) shirt. They do to need to pay for this, it is simply for them to be more comfortable.

Lunch- Students must pack a brown bag lunch. A brown bag lunch means that the entire lunch must be thrown away. No plastic containers need to be used this day. We will simply discard our bags, trash, and leftovers. If you choose to purchase a school lunch for your child, please let me know. Their lunch will be bagged as well.

Teacher Workday

Friday, Oct. 26th 2012 at 7:30pm

1036 Ogden Road

Rock Hill, SC

No school for students.

Math Retakes for Data Unit

I will allow students to retake a math assessment on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week in order to replace their current grade for math (Data Unit). This was the first unit we did. Many students struggled with range, but also need to review how to organize data in tables, dot plots, and bar graphs as well as interpret, analyze, and compare benefits of these graphs.

There are multiple ways students can study. Because there are so many pictures and graphs for data, we have not placed this on Quia. Students can use their math journals and review notes, use their textbooks, and complete activities on TenMarks. The book has detailed directions and practice problems. TenMarks has practice problems as well as videos on each of the three lessons (Collect and Organize; Median, Mode, and Range; Coordinate Graphs)

Students should bring textbooks and journals home Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday nights to study. Please see progress report for updated information on grades for this unit. These quizzes were taken in Edmodo.

Math this Week

Students have been analyzing numeration systems including Egyptian, Chinese, and our own (Hindu-Arabic). To end the unit, students are being asked to create a number system of their own in class this week. If students successfully can do this, and master all the place value material at grade level, they can earn a 4 on the report card for this standard. Keep in mind, students must have a 3 for this unit before earning a 4. They have really impressed us with their learning!

Science this Week

We finished assessing Soils, Fossils, Rocks, and Minerals. We also have been using the week to PreAssess student knowledge on Erosion. We will be beginning a unit called Where's the Beach. This will build on previous concepts, as well introduce new ones,

Social Studies this Week

We have finished up Native American Projects. They are displayed on our hallway. Please stop by to admire your child's work. They really worked hard representing the three SC tribes. We have also been learning about three main countries that sent explorers to America to explore South Carolina. Students need to study this (on Quia or in their notes) and be prepared to take the assessment on Tuesday of next week.

Language Arts this Week

We have been using what we've learned about plot last week to help us revise and edit our writing this week. We are rewriting our piece from the school wide writing assessment. Students have really been working hard, and the organization and descriptiveness in their writing is proof!

During Reading, students are thinking deeper about the plot by analyzing the problem and solution. Secret Word: Pardo. We have been looking at ways the problem and solutions are so important, as well as what it can tell about the character. In reading groups, students are given an opportunity to write in to Storyworks through a contest opportunity. Ten students will be chosen by their writing, and will win a book.