Research Quick Reference Guide

Access flyer at (lowercase)

Learning Targets: The Big 6 Research Process

  1. Task Definition: I can research to answer a question.
  2. Information-seeking Strategy: I can narrow or broaden an inquiry, use advanced searches, & evaluate resources.
  3. Location & access: I can gather relevant information from appropriate & varied resources.
  4. Use of information: I can evaluate content & extract useful information.
  5. Synthesis: I can synthesize & integrate information from multiple sources, demonstrate understanding, & cite my sources correctly.
  6. Evaluation: I can evaluate my work & make changes when necessary.

Most resources are linked from the main Media Center page!

Books in Our Library (Print & EBooks)

  • Physical Books: Click on "Search Books" and enter a search term. Click on the book to get more information. You can see whether the book is in, and where to locate it in the library. When you find the book, bring it to the desk and tell media staff your name so they can check it out to you.
  • Ebooks username: First initial, last name, last 3 digits of student number
  • Ebooks password: Student number
  • Allow pop-ups in your browser if necessary to allow the book to open.
  • Navigate Ebook: Arrows turn pages; click anywhere on the screen & then on the orange i to bring up menu options.
  • Cite Ebook: Navigate to the beginning of the book to get the information you need.
  • Print Ebook: Log in & check out the book; click to bring up menu options. When you choose print. you'll actually download a PDF file of the page that you can then open and print. Try a different browser if this doesn't work.

World Book Online (

  • Username: _______________
  • Password: _______________
  • Click on Advanced
  • Even if the entry for your topic is limited, you can click on Related Information to get recommended books, websites, and magazine articles.

NC WiseOwl: Ebooks

  • NCWiseOwl - High School - eBook High School Collection (PW: _______________)
  • Enter a search term, then click on the section of the book you want to view
  • Click on the Cite icon to get source card/Works Cited info. Use MLA style.
  • To print, you must Save Pages or Email Pages, then print the PDF

NC WiseOwl: Articles/Periodicals

  • NCWiseOwl - High School - Explora (All NC WiseOwl passwords are the same)
  • Use Advanced Search or Refine Results to limit results by type of source, date, etc.
  • Change search terms & limiters until you find what you need. Also try combinations of words.
  • HTML full text - Print - Citation Format - MLA
  • Source info will appear under "Works Cited" on the print page

NC WiseOwl: Controversial Topics

  • NC WiseOwl - Points of View Reference Center (All NC WiseOwl passwords are the same)
  • Browse issues or choose your topic
  • Read an overview & explore different sources on the issue
  • Print - Citation Format - MLA

NC Wiseowl: Gale Resources

  • A-Z List - 0verview of Gale Resources
  • Browse subject databases relevant to the topic you're researching

The Internet: Smart Searching

  • Sweetsearch (Websites evaluated by professionals)
  • Google: After entering your search terms, add or to limit results
  • EasyBib: Under Essay Tools, click on Research & choose sites listed as Credible
  • For other sites, check author & date, & look for targeted, primary resources rather than websites that focus on a little bit of everything.

EasyBib: Cite Your Sources!

  • Paste web address, or choose other type of source & enter title/author
  • Select the correct source. Add necessary info, then click "Create Citation."
  • Also check out the EasyBib add-on in Google Docs!