Life of the inmates

By: Pavan Susarla, Brett Henry, Brayden Bryant

How were concentration camps run

The concentration camps were run by the Schutztaffel or SS, a german task force. In the camp you would be assigned a job and an identification number . If you were lucky you would get and easy job like baker but normally you get a hard job like demolishing buildings and making new ones.
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The types of inmates in the camps.

In the beginning the people in the camps were those who opposed the Nazi party. Later there would also be people that the Nazi thought inferior to them. This would include Jews and many others that the Nazis thought inferior.
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The types of inmates in Auschwitz

In Auschwitz which was mainly a labor camp would keep all the young healthy men kill the others

The daily life of the inmates

Everyday the prisoners would line up for roll call. Roll call was where everyone was counted.Even the people who died in the night. If one person wasn't there for roll call everyone was punished. After roll call they would go to their duties. In camps like Auschwitz the jobs would vary because the camp was largely self sufficient. The jobs went from baking to creating roads and buildings. The inmates would spend more that 10 hours a day working. The rest of the time as spent on using the bathroom and hygiene.
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The sick and mentally ill

If you were sick you would try to hide it for as long as possible. The sick that could not work were thrown into a hospital where you got little or no medical attention. You were left to get better or die on your own. The mentally ill would be used for medical experiments or would be killed.
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Map of the camps

The large dots are the main camps and the smaller dots are the sub-camps
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Interesting fact

Even in the concentration camps your job depended on your social position.