Unit 3 Summative Assessment

By Allan Comeau

Unit 3 Claim

The Unit 3 Claim states "Exploitation and competition over natural resources and interactions between major belief systems may create conflict".

I think this means that the want and need for natural resources creates problems between major countries.

Specific Examples

  • Sand is needed to build many things like buildings and hotels and cities and private corporations are harvesting sand from inhabited areas.
  • Oil being harvested in the Middle East is needed to fuel factories and homes and prices were raised and controlled by corporations.

Connecting to my life...

My family uses oil as fuel in my house. The fuel is used to heat water and that water is used to cook or take showers in etc. If we run out of oil, that would mean that we couldn't take any warm showers or do many things around the house that require heat. In the winter, we would be very cold and would need to make a fire. Also, water is limited. Our well probably will not run out but if it does we would need to pay someone to come and dig deeper which would cost a lot of money.

Examples in my life?

  • My siblings and I sometimes race for the last snack in the cabinets.
  • There is a limited amount of hot water that we can provide so we "race" to get in the shower first so we can have nice warm water.