Sisters Advertisment By:Kimberly


Sisters is an autobiography written by Raina Telgemeier. The characters of the book are Raina, Amara her younger sister, youngest brother, and their Mom and Dad. Growing up raina was very exausted with her brother and sister because she had to share a room with them so at many times she was very mean and angry. In the beginning of the book Raina is very happy becauuse her parents told her that they wwere going to San Fransisco to visist there Uncles and Aunts. When they were driving to go to San Fransisco they were all very excited until it started to get really hot and Raina was running out of batteries so she could here music, and then worst of all they were all hungry and there was no where to eat. So the car ride took a long time because they were all fighting. In the middle once they got to there aunts house they thought it was going to be the best summer but it was not. When raina was looking for her cousin so they could do something together her cousin's mom told her that she was out shopping. When she got back she was all reading to go into bed but thats when her cousin got home, raina noticed that her cousin was way more mature than she remembered. Her other boy cousins also got home but they all wanted to play lame things so she decided to go to bed because either way none of them payed attention to her. Lastly they all got tired of beng at there aunt's house they went back on there lon car ride to there house. It was not the end of there road trip because during there return home there car left them in the middle of no where so there mom had to go back to town and get a tow truck. And that was the end of there journey to San Fransisco.
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