The Battle of Yorktown

By: Wynn Puller


The Battle of Yorktown was known for being the last battle of the Revolutionary war. General Washington was born a natural leader so he was the American general in the Revolutionary war. Lord Cornwallis was not really Lord, just a regular general in a regular war. There's more than you might think about the surrender of cornwallis. After all, it was the end of a Great War. You might think you know it all, but really, a lot of people don't even know a little bit.

General Washington

George Washington had several good qualities, leadership skills, and he was a hard worker.he was born on February 22, 1732. His father was a Agustiene Washington and his mother was Mary ball Washington. He had two half brothers from his father's first wife and later five more siblings. He lived at Ferry Farm until he turned 11, and his father died. He was chosen to be the American General for the Revolutionary war because of good efforts. While General Washington was the Luke Skywalker of the Revolutionary war, lord Cornwallis was Darth Vader.
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General Washington fighting in battle with his men

General Cornwallis

Lord Cornwallis was not really a lord, just a regular old general in a regular old war. He led several attacks, which were victories including New York, Brandywine, and Camden. He was not a general at the time, but did not have to wait long before he was second in command. Although he was surprised at George Washington's Crossing the Delaware, Cornwallis beat him in the battle of Brandywine. At Yorktown he tried to hold his own. He knew he would eventually be defeated so he surrendered. Both generals seem nearly perfect but Washington finally found a flaw in Cornwallis's plan.
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General Cornwallis riding to battle on his horse

Cornwallis's surrender

There is more than you might think about the surrender of Cornwallis. After all it was the end of the great Revolutionary war. It took nine days for Cornwallis to surrender, probably because that would mean 8,000 of Britain's troops would be put to waste. General Cornwallis said he was sick and sent General Charles O'Hara to surrender his sword. The British tried to surrender to the French, but they made the British surrender to the Americans. The Americans and the French significantly outnumbered the British with 18,000 troops. After the surrender, the British prime minister resigned, because of how many troops were lost.this was a huge impact on the British. So big, that it caused them to lose the war.
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General Cornwallis's surrender to George Washington


The Battle of Yorktown was known for the Cornwallis surrendering, and the Revolutionary war ending. General Washington is a general because he was born and natural leader, a hard worker, and a loyal person. Lord Cornwallis is not a lord, but a general in a great war. The surrender of Cornwallis is a great one. Mostly because it was the end of one of the greatest wars of all might think you know everything there is to know about the battle of Yorktown, but really that is only just scrapeing the surface.


Surrender-A loss for one of the sides in a battle in which they retreat and the other side wins the battle.

Troops-A group of soldiers fighting for a cause.

General-A commander in charge of a group of soldiers.

Qualities–A feature or features that someone or something has.

Impact-A strong and often bad on someone or something.