Washington D.C. 2016

Crispell Middle School 8th grade

In May 2016 Crispell Middle Schools 8th grade students took a trip to the United States Capital, Washington D.C.

The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument located in the national mall was built in 1848 to remember and celebrate our first president George Washington. The Washington Monument is one of the most famous in D.C.
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The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial was finished in 1922 and was dedicated to our 16th president Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln Memorial was designed by the French but had Greek inspired details.
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The Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial was completely finished on April 13, 1943. The Jefferson Memorial was dedicated to our 3rd president Thomas Jefferson. Many parts of the memorial are made of Marble.
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WWII Memorial

The WWII memorial is dedicated to all veterans who served our country during WWII. The memorial opened on April 29,2004. The design for the WWII memorial was one of the six finalists in a national contest to find the best design.
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Marine Corps/ Iwo Jima Memorial

The Iwo Jima memorial signifies the end of the U.S. war with Japan in the 1940's. It is dedicated to all Marines who have died fighting for their country. Three veterans actually helped the sculptor build this memorial by acting as models for the faces of the statues.
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The Capitol Building

The Capitol Building is the seat of the United States Congress and the Legislative Branch of the United States Government. In the Capitol most of laws are created for the U.S. The Capitol was built in 1793 and has been in use since then
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Holocaust Museum

The purpose of the United States Holocaust Museum is to educate people on the Holocaust so another event like it will never happen. The Holocaust Museum has many exhibits that tell about hatred and genocide. The Holocaust Museum will be in the National Mall permanently
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American History Museum

The American History Museum's purpose is to teach people about the struggles and good times America has had. Some of the exhibits in the museum are about World Wars, Women's History and American Innovation.
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Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is where hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers are laid to rest after they sacrificed their lives for our country. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a tomb that contains the body of a soldier from WWI but is meant to represent all the soldiers who were either unidentified or MIA since WWI. The Kennedy grave site is the final resting place of U.S. president John.F.Kennedy. Next to Kennedy his wife Jackie is buried.
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The White House

The White House is the building that houses the U.S. president and his family during his term(s). The White House also contains many conference rooms and the Oval Office which is where the president makes many important decisions.
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The National Zoo

The National Zoo is located on Connecticut Avenue in Washington D.C. Some of the many animals include Elephants. Giant Pandas, Cheetahs, Monkeys, and Zebras. My favorite animals were the Elephants.
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The Dinner Cruise

On the dinner cruise we sailed up the Potomac River. We arrived at the boat and soon after we had dinner and dessert. After we ate we went upstairs and outside we danced as we sailed by many of the monuments.
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Travel and Hotel

We left Crispell and drove to D.C. on a Leprechaun Bus. Our bus driver's name was John. on the way to Washington we stopped at the Molly Pitcher rest stop for breakfast. After we had seen lots of things we drove to the Westin.