This isn't a missing dog poster...

but for your love, I am one sick puppy.

My hopes and dreams... for us.

I go by the name of Tommy. I hope you like it, because it's the one my mother gave me out of her love for me... now I'd like to give it to you out of my love for you. First, allow me to fill your mind with the image of my perfection... my idea of a perfect date. It will be a rainy, but lively evening in November. Perhaps a bit warmer than usual for the season. I will drive by your house, knock on your door, and offer you my arm. Thence, we shall go for dinner at one of your favorite restaurants, followed by a rousing game of bowling at one of the classier alleys. We would look at each other lovingly when we thought the other wasn't looking. So much so, that I would be distracted by your charms to the extent that my attention leaves the game, and you would secure a victory over me by the end of the night. We would leave the bowling alley a bit tired, but I would still drive you home, my driving still being flawless. My emphasis will not be on the physical activities we do, but on the emotional significance we find with one another. Say, wouldn't you like to sample something that meaningful with me?

I'm not picky when it comes to unrequited love. However...

If you are going to have the privilege of being in a relationship with me, there are just a few things you're going to have to understand about me first.

  • Being open emotionally isn't something I do, per se
  • I am easily distracted (but very much trustworthy)
  • I believe in a relationship in which both parties can maintain independence
  • I don't speak much (my eyes do the talking)
  • I require that my property be respected

There are also some attributes I would prefer that you have, as well. Strongly prefer, actually.

  • You need to learn to appreciate video games
  • You must be patient with my ability to express myself
  • You mustn't be clamoring for my attention all the time
  • You must be willing to step back and attempt to understand my situations
  • You have to be able to cook something