Room 3 News

November 13, 2015

Star of the Week!

Our star this week loves ballet and horseback riding! She enjoys her scooter and Saturdays. Her friends think she is funny, nice and has good handwriting!

RED Monday! Read Every Day! A school pep rally started our week on a chilly Monday morning! The whole school chanted "Read Every Day!"

Math- Sequencing Days/Months, making triangles, and patriot addition!

Veteran's Day Salute!

Creating a picture of ourselves using squares, triangles, circles, and rectangles!

Healthy Snacks! We only have 10 minutes to eat our snack. Please send something that is quick and easy to eat and healthy to boot!

Reading Time!

Magic Glasses! Our glasses help us to see the good in every day!

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First Grade Train!

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School News

*Tuesday November 17- PTO Sal's Pizza Night
*Thursday November 19- Picture Make Up Day