national anthem

Malaysian National Anthem - "Negaraku" (MS/EN)

About Malaysia

population-27 915 256.

religion-multicultural but mostly Islam.


land size: 329,847 km²


April to October-tropical.

October to Febuary-monsoons.

below for enviromental issues

Natural Resorces

tin, timber, copper, iron ore, natural gas and some more.

living conditions

the living conditions in malaysia are very poor for black people but heaven for white people for black people are slaves for white people.

Malaysian Money (Riggits)

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Health Conditions

in some areas good, others the goverments trying to improve.


kids start school at the age of 7 and is school free when 18. A high education rate.

History Highlights

Malaysia was discovered by the Europeans then the Dutch took over Malaysia then in the end the Brittish took over Malaysia. Were in battle with Japan in WW2.


Malaysia makes its money by selling gold to make it into jewelery.