Mrs. Smith's Class

By Mrs. Smith's First Graders

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Mrs. Smith

by Zanta, Aiden, Jose, Rihan, Aaron & Diego

Mrs. Smith loves art and our class. Mrs. Smith likes bees and owls. She likes us to always be quiet. She likes us to do math. Mrs. Smith has a pet fish and a shrimp one and fishes that are invisible. She is the best teacher. Mrs. Smith makes math problems, and she makes daily math fun. Mrs. Smith is very fun, and she is glad we are in her class.

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Our Class

by Adyson, Rohan, Yeabsira, Alexa, Shathvik

We like math. We like to do everything at school. We like recess and even specials. We do lots of different kinds of math. We like reading and writing new books. We are writing a new book about bees and owls. Our class is fun. We do lots of creative stuff like crafts and arts. Some kids are loud, and some kids are quiet. Alexa is quiet. We love our class. ๐Ÿ’œ โค๏ธ ๐Ÿ’• ๐Ÿ’

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by Niharika, Kaushik, Manasvi, Aarush, Sriharan, King

We learned about base 10s. We learned about plus and minus. We learned about tally marks and before and after. We have to show our work, and we are doing numbers later and before. Also, we see which one is more and less. We do Dreambox in math. Today we did different shapes and the clock, and we did shapes like squares and hexagons. It is so fun.

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by Cesar, Cole

We are writing about bees and non-fiction stories. We practiced our handwriting and coloring and wrote about owls and weekend news. We did fiction stories, too.
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By Ditvi, Aaron, Avery, Diego

We read about owls, and we made a picture and wrote about what they can do, what owls are, and what owls have. We do read to self and do other fun things in reading, and we are also reading about bees. The books are good, and we read on Epic, and fun books are in our book boxes.

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by Aiden, Maddilyn, Gael

We are learning about bees and queen bees. We read about owl pellets. We look for patterns in the sky. The earth moves around the sun, and the moon moves, too. When the earth moves, it moves from nighttime to daytime. Patters we notice are velcro strips on the floor. We see the light and dark colors and the pattern on a name chain.

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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

The mission of Elmonica Elementary is that together we promote high standards by:

ยท Practicing critical thinking skills through inquiry.

ยท Acquiring in-depth knowledge of globally significant ideas.

ยท Appreciating the unique qualities of each person, creating empathy, compassion, and international-mindedness.