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Our library is here to support staff and students in meeting educational goals. This weekly newsletter will update you on new resources and ideas that are available physically and digitally. This first edition is longer in order to update you on changes and remind you of how to access information.
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Internation Dot Day

Dot Day celebrates the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds and encourages students to make their mark. Each class in grades 1 - 3 will be Skyping with another class somewhere in the US during the week. There may be a few opportunities for grades 4 and 5 if anyone is interested.

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is important to teach our students. As students get laptops or use iPads we need to teach them how to use them properly and how to interact online respectfully. Let me know if you want me to do a lesson.
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There are still iPads available for checkout. Even if you only check out 1 iPad there are things you can do with it. This Pintrest board has ideas.

Respect the Door

Unfortunately there will be times when the library has to be closed...when I am teaching a class and there is no ed tech. Please remind your students to respect the door. If the door is closed they should not come in.

Kid Friendly Searching

Here are some kid friendly search engines...
Kids Click
Kid Rex
Kid Zui
Safe Search
Wikipedia for Kids