Ohlone Family Connection

April 12, 2021

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Hello, Ohlone Families

I hope your spring break was exactly what you needed. My youngest son celebrated his 14th birthday. How time flies :). He is now taller than me and his voice is definitely deeper than mine. I have had a beautiful week at the pool, at the beach, and on walks with the pups. I even had a brief visit with my oldest son and had dinner al fresco with my mom. Something I have not done in a very long time.

There is a lot packed into these last 9 weeks of school! Yes, 9 weeks! We will be busy bees! I will keep my message short as this OFC is chunky. I hope you like the picture of the Ohlone bees above. It is from the Principal's Bee Tea two years ago with Sonya. Good times :).

I am looking forward to the five-day return for Rooms 26, 27, and 30 this week!


Ohlone Principal

On the April Horizon

4/12 - 4/5 Hybrid Returns Full-Time

4/12 - Student Council Meeting - 3:15-4:00

4/14 - Crazy Anything Spirit Day - Cohort A & FDL

4/14 - BIPOC Affinity Group Meeting - 6:30-7:30pm

4/15 - Crazy Anything Spirit Day - Cohort B

4/15 - Parent Leadership Team (PLT) - 12:30-1:15

4/16 - Asynchronous Day for 2/3 Hybrid

4/16 - Ohlone Times - 12:00-12:30

4/17 - Farm Work Day - 9-12

Earth Week - April 19-23

Staff Appreciation - April 20-22

4/19 - 2/3 Hybrid Returns Full-Time

4/19 - Farm Council - 12:30-2:00

4/20 - PTA Exec Board - 3:15-4:45

4/20 - PAUSD Board Meeting - 6:30pm

4/21 - Core Values Committee - 6:00-7:30pm

4/23 - Asynchronous Day for K/1 Hybrid

4/23 - PTA General Meeting - 2:45-3:30

The 7-Day Student Equity Challenge Begins!

This week, we will begin the 7-Day Equity Challenge for students. Each week, we will engage in on one day of learning. I encourage you to take explore the Day 1 link with your child this week.

The question to discuss at home this week is, "What is Your Race? Why?" There are two marvelous books to choose from and one is a read aloud by author, Julius Lester. Read both if you like. Most importantly, open a door for dialogue for your children to talk, share their thoughts, and ask questions. It's okay if you don't have all of the answers or if it comes out messy. What is most important is that we begin to talk about race and normalize this for our children.

Please also feel free to explore the Equity Book List for other titles of interest!

PBS KIDS Talk About FULL EPISODE | Race & Racism | PBS KIDS

BIPOC Affinity Group - April 14

We are holding our third BIPOC meeting this week, Wednesday, April 14 from 6:30-7:30pm.

As a reminder, the BIPOC affinity group is a safe space and a brave space for anyone that identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color. It is an informal space that allows members to counter negative experiences with a space that can become a source of strength and community, and can cultivate an atmosphere that uplifts and empowers the narratives and voices of its members. We are really looking forward to seeing you there!

PAUSD Family Leadership Summit - April 17

If you missed the March 27 Family Leadership Summit kick-off event, not to worry. There will be another event this Saturday, April 17. Sign-Up To Attend!

Here is a preview of what was shared, learned, and discussed at the kick-off event. A bit about this Saturday's event follows below:

Aptly named Equity for Academic Success as the sessions in this day of the series revolve around the idea of truly teaching every child. The breakdown of sessions on this day will focus on supporting diverse learners, teaching the whole child, bringing culture into the classroom, breaking down cultural barriers and biases, and the pathway towards college and career success.

Farm Work Day - April 17, 9-12 noon

Please join us Saturday, April 17 for some fun while helping with routine maintenance on our beloved Farm. 2/3 Cluster is hosting, and 2/3 parents are asked to volunteer for 1 hour during this time frame, if possible. As always, everyone is welcome. No experience necessary!

Questions? Email Kathy Howe, Farm Council Co-Chair @ Kathryn.howe@gmail.com

Health Screeners - Parent Square

Beginning April 19, health screeners will be checked at the classroom door by teachers when students arrive. Parents and caregivers are still not permitted on campus :(. Students will continue to be dropped off at the same gates or car drop-off zone. If your child's health screener is not completed, their teacher will send them to the office to wait while we call you to confirm. Students miss valuable class time when they need to wait outside of the office, so please be sure to complete this critical step before you leave for school. Here are some easy to digest reminders:

  • Complete your child's health screener no later than 7:45am each school morning.
  • Students will continue to enter and exit through the same gates.
  • Students will continue to use hand sanitizer before entering campus.
  • Students will wait outside the classroom to have their health screener checked by teacher.
  • Students with uncompleted screeners will be sent to office to wait for parent confirmation.
  • For pick-up, please have your last name clearly visible on your dashboard.

CAASPP Testing - Grades 3-5

CAASSP Testing is scheduled to begin the week of April 19 for the 4/5 Cluster and the week of April 26 for 3rd grade. Please take note of the following important testing dates. You will hear more details from your child's teacher as the dates draw near.

  • Grade 3: April 27, May 4, 5, 11, 12
  • Grade 4 & 5: April 20, 21, 27, May 4, 5
  • Grade 5 only: May 18

Puberty Talks for 4th & 5th Grade

Health Connected will have two virtual parent nights for Puberty Talk lessons on Wednesday April 21st and Monday April 26th and 5:30 pm. You will receive more information from our district nurse, Rosemarie Craig.

Spring Fling! Sunday, May 2, 4:00pm

Please submit videos by April 23!

Calling talent of all kinds! Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Jugglers, Jokers, Impersonators, Martial Artists, Gymnasts, Poets, Magicians, Cart-wheelers and more! Share your talent and take a bow!

Ohlone’s annual talent show will be a YouTube Live Premier event, taking place on Sunday, May 2 at 4:00pm. Students who want to participate in this show should create a video clip of their performance and submit it by Friday, April 23, using this Google form. A few guidelines:

  • Video clips should be 3 minutes or less.
  • Find a setting with good light (outdoor or natural lighting is the best).
  • Make sure you have good sound.
  • Use landscape mode (horizontal) for better viewing
  • Please link to your full quality video on the Google form.

Questions? Contact Alex Nakonechnyj at alexandre_nako@hotmail.com.

Class Placement

I included a message about class placement in the March 11th OFC. I am sending this message about class placement once more, just to be sure you are aware of this temporary change in our process. This has certainly been a year like none other.

This year will be different than other Ohlone years where students stay in the same classroom with the same teacher and cohort of students for two years. Essentially, we will be starting over with placement due to the imbalance created by the learning model choices and staffing shifts made this year. Please know that we are keeping the individual needs of each student in mind as we work to build balanced classrooms that take social-emotional and academic needs into account.

Consistency is important for child development. We have also learned a lot about the resiliency of our students during this challenging time, for ourselves as well. I will send out more information about class placement toward the end of the school year. As always, specific class placements will be shared the week before school begins in the fall.

5th Grade Promotion

We have the green light (at least right now) to hold an in-person promotion ceremony for our 5th grade students this year. Of course there will be physical distancing and a number of guidelines to adhere to from the California Department of Public Health. I will begin planning with Cluster 3 toward the end of this month and will share more details in May. For now, we are planning on June 2nd, but as with everything during this pandemic, this may change. Just keep the last week of school free!

A Note About Sleep

As we spring forward, the loss of an hour on the clock can impact student learning, health, and happiness. Elementary school aged students need anywhere from 9-13 hours of sleep per night to "clean" and open up synapses in the brain and promote optimal health. Regular routines for sleep and school are vital to learning success as we head toward the finish line of this extraordinarily challenging year and every day.

Check out the article below for tips about promoting healthy sleep habits.


10 Tech Tips for Parents

Assistant Principal John and Emily Garrison led a fabulous Principal's Tech Tea last week. If you missed it, please check out the helpful tech tips with links and the slide deck below!

Screen Time

CASSY has put together a resource regarding common questions and guidance regarding screen time questions they have received. I hope this proves to be a helpful resource/guidance for you as you navigate your family's screen time balance. It's a tricky one right now!

Open PTA Positions

We still need volunteers! Please consider a new adventure in the upcoming year! Open positions are below:

  • Co-VP of Enrichment
  • VP of Outreach
  • EVP
  • Secretary

Click for descriptions: 2021-22 Open PTA Exec Board Positions

Prepared Schools Update for Parents

The video link below is our most recent “Prepared Schools Update” for parents. It is less than three minutes long explains the three main COVID-19 scenarios. I hope this is helpful.
COVID -19 Prepared Schools Update for Parents

Parent Resources

After School Care

Ohlone Kids Club now has extended hours and can offer care until 5:00pm. Please visit their website or call Danielle for more information.

Right at School also has openings for before and after school care. Check out their website!