Room 104 News. Issue 7

January 15th, 2016

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Feeding the birds and decorating the observation window- Teamwork in action!

Room 104 News

Congratulations to Rochay and George who received certificates for KINDNESS and CARING at the assembly on Tuesday. For the rest of January the character trait we are discussing and looking for is TEAMWORK. We see many examples of Teamwork every day, children working together to build towers, pull each other on toboggans, cleaning up etc. so it will be a difficult choice but we will look for the two children who show this trait the most consistently.

Friday's pizza lunch went well. Thanks to the parent council for organizing it and raising funds for our school.

This week we finally got some lovely snow to look at and play in. We have been having lots of fun playing on sleds and making snow angels. We have also been celebrating winter by creating crafty snowmen (and developing fine motor control at the same time) learning a funny snowman poem and using chalk to draw winter trees.

This week we have been reading The Mitten and acting out the story. Ask your child to tell you about Nicky and his snow white mitten.

Information and Reminders!

  • Scholastic orders were sent home on Friday, if you would like to order any books please send the order form and money to school by Monday, January 18th.
  • Library books were exchanged today and sent home. The system is showing that some of the students have library books out and so they did not get a new book at this time. If your child does not have a book in his/her library bag you will find a small slip of paper that has the title of the missing book on it. Please look for the book and send it back to school as soon as possible so we can send a new book home next time.
  • Poetry Folders come home every Friday, please have fun reading the poems/songs together. Make sure the folders come back to school in the mailbag on Monday so we can add the new page.
  • Many of the children have the same or very similar clothing and they do not always know which items belong to them. This is taking up a lot of our time and causing some upset feelings. Please, please help us out by making sure that all removable clothing has your child's name written on the inside label. Thank you.
  • PD day Friday, January 22nd. No school that day.

Show and Tell

For the month of January we are being detectives. On your child's special day they should choose something that can fit inside our Mystery Bag (a large brown paper bag). Think of some clues about the object and complete the form that we will send home. Then they will read the clues to the class and we will have 3 chances to guess what is in the bag.

Here are the special helpers for next week.

Monday: Elise and Thamiran

Tuesday: Josiah

Wednesday: Alexis

Thursday: Cindy

Friday: PA Day: no school today

Winter Clothes and Spare Clothing

The weather has turned colder and winter is here. We will continue to spend time outside every day (unless the temperature goes below -21) so plesae make sure that your child has snowpants, gloves, hat etc. at school at all times.

Getting dressed and undressed takes quite a bit of time so it will really help us if your child is as independent as possible. Please talk to your child about putting their clothes on in the right order, some of them are trying to put snowpants on after their coats etc and this just does not work well :-).

A good order would be: 1. snowpants 2. coat 3. neck warmer and hat 4. boots 5. gloves/mittens.

This is also a good time to review the emergency clothes that are at school. Do they still fit and are they suitable for the season? Please make sure your child's spare clothes are in a sealed bag that is clearly labelled, large ziplocks bags work well.

Writing "Popcorn" words in sand

Computer Corner

Now that the weather is colder it is more difficult to go out and get exercise. GoNoodle is a great site to visit on the computer to get your child up and moving in a healthy safe way. There are many different activities to choose from: some to work out, some to calm down and others that help with concentration and coordination. We visit this site almost every day and the children love it. Just click on the link below, create a login for you child and you are set to go.

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