TWE Recycles!

Why should we recycle?

Why is it important to recycle?

Recycling is important to the environment because it keeps items out of the landfills that could be used for something else. When garbage is taken to landfills may take years for it to breakdown which adds to the pollution of the ground, water and air. The Transition to Work Experience students are investigating the reasons we recycle. In this unit, the students will compare the life cycle of a milk jug to that of a butterfly and how it relates to recycling. The students will also identify items that can be recycled and those that cannot.

Comparing life cycles.

The life cycle of a butterfly can be compared to the life cycle of a milk jug. A milk jug begins in a factory where the melted plastic is formed into a jug which is filled with milk and sold in the grocery store. When the jug is emptied and we recycle it, the jug is sent to the recycling center where it is remelted and eventually becomes something useful such as playground equipment. A butterfly begins its life as an egg which hatches into a catapillar. After a while, the catapillar becomes a chrysalis and then becomes a butterfly.

Over its life span, the butterfly goes through many changes - egg to catapillar to chrysalis to butterfly. The milk also goes through changes - first as a jug, then to a recycle center to be melted and then finally to the playground equipment.