My Spring Break

By : LaBria Nether

Lets get started !!! BREAK TIME

Firstly,on Monday and Tuesday I spent time with my godparents and my oldest sister . We played board games , cooked, and laughed had fun like a family should. Every break I have ill spend time with my godparents. On Wednesday, when it was time to come back to Americus GA I was very disappointed because i didn't want to leave .

OH NO ! break is almost over!!!!!

On , Wednesday after I returned back home I unpacked my bags and got settled I watched tv for a little while .After that my nephew came over and so i babysit him while my mother and brother went grocery shopping. Then , I washed my cousin De'Erica hair and curled her hair .

NOOOO Break is over !!!

Well, on my last day of my break i went to Columbus Mall shopping . I had a lot of fun shopping for summer clothing . After , i left the mall from a great day of shopping i went to my fathers parents that live in Columbus and spent the night with. Saturday afternoon I came back to Americus Ga and started studying for my upcoming exams .
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