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Welcome Class of 2024!

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Tom Hosford - Principal

Kelly Amshey - Assistant Principal

Jen Lutz - Counselor

Holly Normington - Counselor

Welcome Class of 2024!

Thank you for a successful kickoff to the 2020-2021 school year with the winter Freshman Orientation on February 6th! We enjoyed meeting with you and starting the process of planning for your student’s first year of high school. To assist with this planning, we want to provide you with the necessary resources to reference.

By referencing the sections below, you will have full access to the information presented at the evening orientation, such as:

  • The PowerPoint presentation listing the Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements and sample schedules
  • The Freshman Center Brochure with important information and dates
  • The Freshman Center Course Description Guide for 2019-2020
  • The Honors Earth Science and Honors English 9 application information
  • The Testing Out of a Course registration information
  • The Freshman Center Elective Video

The next important step will be for 8th graders to select their electives for their freshman year, and if interested, apply for honors courses and/or register to test out of a class. Our Counselors will be visiting both ERMS and NRMS to meet with students regarding this process next week. We will communicate the next important step, which is to create their freshman schedule, sometime in April.

As we stated at the orientation, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or to further discuss your student’s interests and needs. We will work hard to ensure a smooth transition to the freshman year and successful start to high school!

Have a wonderful day!

Tom Hosford


Rockford High School Freshman Center

616-863-6348 – Main Office

616-863-6350 – Counseling Office

Class of 2024 Winter Orientation Presentation

Below are the presentation slides with important information, timelines, sample schedules for you to reference.

Class of 2024 Winter Orientation Handout

Below is the handout that was provided at the Class of 2024 Winter Orientation.

Freshman Course Description Guide

Below is the Freshman Course Description Guide that can be referenced to learn more about our course offerings.

Freshman Electives Video

Please reference the video below to learn more about freshman elective opportunities. Some of the teachers may be different as we finalize the master schedule. Having said that, the curriculum and experiences will be the same.
Rockford Freshman Center Orientation Video 2020

Freshman Registration Worksheet

Below is the Freshman Registration Worksheet to use as a reference. Incoming 9th graders will complete this prior to finalizing their elective course registration within Student Access.

Freshman Honors Earth Science and Honors English 9 Information and Application

Rockford Freshman Center supports motivated students that desire an academic challenge beyond the rigorous Michigan Merit Curriculum by offering honors courses, including Honors Geometry or Honors Algebra 2, Honors Earth Science and Honors English 9. The curriculum and pace in these courses are designed for students with interest in completing Advanced Placement Courses later in their high school career. Having said that, an Honors course at the freshman level is NOT a prerequisite for enrollment in future Honors or AP courses. Those will be available to students by teacher recommendation moving forward.

For incoming freshmen, Honors math placement requires a teacher's recommendation. Incoming freshmen students may apply for Honors Earth Science and/or Honors English 9. The number of spots in these courses is limited due to the rigor of the curriculum. Motivated students have the opportunity to apply for one or both of these courses, which provide a demanding curriculum at a faster pace than traditional Earth Science and English 9 courses.

This year, if an effort to limit the amount of testing our students complete, students will not take an additional “Honors Test” like in the past. The Rockford Freshman Center will utilize the NWEA MAPS Reading, Language Usage, Math and Science test scores that 8th grade students have completed. These assessments are nationally norm-referenced achievement tests and provide valuable information about a student’s readiness for honors-level coursework. Students scoring in the 90th percentile at the national level on the NWEA MAPS assessments and exhibit a strong work ethic are believed to be quality candidates to achieve success at the Honors level.

Students interested in applying for Honors Earth Science and/or Honors English 9 are encouraged to complete the application information at the following link by Friday, March 6, 2020. Students should be prepared to report their NWEA MAPS RIT Scores by referencing their MAPS Test Progress Reports, which they will receive on February 20th from their middle school teachers. The Freshman Center will also seek current teacher input regarding student work ethic, attitude, study habits, homework completion, ability to handle content rigor, etc.

Honors Earth Science/Honors English 9 Application Link

Please click this button to view the application information

Testing Out Information

Per State law, Rockford Public Schools will offer an opportunity for students to try to test out of any course that we offer. Testing out is a significant decision for a student. Only those students who feel they already have mastery of a specific subject and want to accelerate through the school curriculum should consider it. Experience shows that the percentage of students who successfully test out is low. Additionally, a student testing out will miss participation in class discussions and opportunities to develop higher level thinking skills which are nurtured by daily contact with an instructor. There is a “Frequently Asked Questions” document and registration information at the following links below.

Testing Out Registration

Click this button to view the Testing Out registration information

Important Dates

February 11 - RFC Counselors will visit with 8th graders at NRMS

February 13 - RFC Counselors will visit with 8th graders at ERMS

February 27 - Online Elective Course Registration Deadline

March 6 - Honors Application Deadline (if interested)

Mid-April - Student Scheduling communications will be sent to families

Tentative Mid-May - Students will finalize their Freshman schedules

May 21 - Testing Out Registration Deadline (if interested)

August 12 - Freshman Orientation

August 17 - Make Up Freshman Orientation

August 24 - First Day of Freshman Year!

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