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Challenging Minds, Inspiring Hearts

Weekly Updates

  • Friday is College Spirit Day! Scholars are allowed to wear college spirit shirts with uniform bottoms or jeans. No jean shorts or jean capri are allowed. Spirit day shirts or everyday uniforms are also acceptable.
  • Morning drop off begins quickly at 7:20 a.m. We can not accept children prior to 7:20 a.m. The ECC offers before school care. For more information about before school care please call Nina Sanchez at 409.739.5263.
  • There is a stomach bug going around campus. We are washing hands, wiping down areas more, and doing our best to keep our scholars and healthy. We can always use donations of Clorox wipes.
  • Dress Code Warnings-The dress code grace period is still in effect until October 8th, but students may receive a Dress Code Warning. If your scholar receives a warning, please note he/she is NOT in trouble….it really is just to let you and them know what needs to be fixed before our grace period ends.
  • More school patches have been ordered and will be in next week. We will notify families once patches have arrived.
  • Hamburger Thursday's have begun,. If you would like to purchase a hamburger meal, please contact the front office. One meal is $4.25 or you can purchase a card of 10 for $40.00. If you purchased a hamburger meal card, your scholar's teacher will hold the cards and punch the cards for each meal eaten. Your scholar's teacher will notify you once your scholar has punched 8 burgers so that you have time to purchase a new card. We do allow siblings to split cards as needed. Please make arrangements in the front office.
  • Last week our scholars had the opportunity to purchase items from our Falcon Store. This was a wonderful opportunity for our scholars to spend their hard earned Falcon bucks. Falcon Bucks are rewarded for a variety of reasons. If you would like to make a donation to the Falcon Store we welcome all items. Examples of items we would love to have in the store include seasonal items (football season, Halloween, etc), stickers, fun school supplies, dollar store toys, spirit items, and so on.

Falcon Shout Outs

Every week we choose several scholars who exhibit Falcon Excellence on campus and give them a FALCON SHOUT OUT!

Shout Out to 4th grader Matthew Martinez for always making great choices and showing love and kindness to his classmates!

Shout Out to 5th grader Farrah Lewis for showing courage and pride during her first volleyball game as a Lady Falcon!

Shout Out to Jack Petty for being an excellent student in our Pre-K 3 class!

Shout Out to 8th grader Diana Perez for being the alter server at mass this week.

Shout Out to 1st grader Ella Castillo for helping younger students who are having rough days by putting a smile on their face!

Shout Out to PreK 3 Thomas Sanchez for being a strong scholar and not crying when he saw his mom in the hallway the other day!

Falcon Athletics

Our first Lady Falcons home game of the season will be Friday, September 7, 2018, at 4:30 p.m. Please join us as we cheer on our Lady Falcons to victory!

Friends of Fatima Lunch

Friends of Fatima will host our monthly noon luncheon benefiting Our Lady of Fatima School. Please join us at noon Wednesday, September 12th at Ponzini Hall, St. Mary's Church in Texas City, for this months lunch. Menu: Baked Chicken, Dressing, Gravy, seasoned green beans, salad, dessert and tea. Cost is $9.00 per plate- Dine in or Take out. Please reserve your meal today by calling Stresla Hasselmeier at 409.935.8213.
All of our scholars have received one book of raffle tickets. Each student is required to sell at minimum one book. We have more available in the front office. If you would like more raffle tickets please notify the front office or your scholars teacher and we will send more home. Please send money and ticket stubs to school with your scholar or visit us at the front office. Please make all checks for raffle tickets payable to St. Mary of the Miraculous Medal Church.

We will have prizes for top sellers!

  • Overall Top Seller-A Grand Prize Award TBA
  • Overall Top Seller Pre-K-3rd-Gift Card
  • Overall Top Seller 4th-8th- Gift Card

  • All scholars who sell two books of tickets will receive a ticket to a special movie event on campus.

Mrs. Lopez has set the school goal at 500 books of tickets sold. If we reach 500 books of tickets sold Mrs. Lopez will award the school with a special prize!

Tickets are due in the office no later than Tuesday, 10/2/18 to qualify for prizes.

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J-Lo's Word

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing Labor Day weekend. I was able to rest and renew with my family. As I did, I prayed and reflected about our school's theme this year: Rebuild, Restore, Renew. I want to constantly remind our Fatima Family about this theme because it is easy to get boogled down in everyday life and forget that we are truly rebuilding so much here at Fatima. And with anything that is rebuilt, sometimes you have to knock out a few walls to accomplish a final product. As we continue to make changes, I hope everyone can see the beauty of what we are creating--and that is strong young men and woman who are disciplined, independent, loving disciples of Christ. My expectations for our scholars are high, but I can remember my mom telling me when I graduated college to always remember that each child who graces my door is a gift from God and has been entrusted to me for a reason. I take that very personally, and I take my job of teaching our children very personally. When your scholar leaves Fatima, I want our community to know that child was a Fatima scholar. As we continue to rebuild Fatima, I trust in our partnership to take our scholars to new heights, and as always, I thank you for trusting us with your most precious gift.


Mrs. Lopez