Athletes salaries

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Today, many people are outraged by the athletes salary. Their salaries are continually rising at appealing rates. It is easy for us to say that their greedy, but is what they make totally there fault. "Let's say I spend $75 on a ticket, buy a team jersey and some lunch. I just spent a lot my hard earned money to see an athlete in action." The money that was spent on the team goes to the team to help pay for there players. So really, the athlete makes money off of the what the consumer spends."Naturally if we stop buying their merchandise there salary will go down. But if we continue to spend money on them salaries go up,and they need this money." One reason as to why they need this money is their Heath. Every step they take on the feild they could be injured and when they are hurt it can cost a lot of money to get treated. The average knee surgery can cost 35,000 to45,000 dollars to fix. Plus the extra expenses that go with it.

In my perspective these athletes need this money or at least deserve it. When you get a player that's really good, people like to see them in action. People can be willing to pay a lot of money to see that. To go along with that, they can never go anywhere without disguise and not get asked for an autograph or get there picture taken. If there willing to give up a life outside of sports then you pay them. So when an athlete asks for some money,they get it.

Five fun facts,Impact, connection to present day

1 NBA players average over 5 million dollars annually while the average teacher makes 55 thousand

2 the NFL made $7.2 billion last year alone in revenue.

3 the Green Bay Packers alone made $226 million last year.

4 Peyton Manning in one year makes more than the average American in a lifetime

5 7.2 billion dollars can pay for 10 trips to Pluto

Impact- an athletes salary has created different impacts on people, but it is generally us that help determine there salary. The sports organizations get there money from us and what we what to spend. When we spend money on all the merchandise all the players get it and it's not there fault for all the money available.

Connection to present day- "Today,the salary of professional athletes of continued to rise at astronomical rates." The money they have received has increased dramatically athletes are paid most overall compared to anybody else. There bank accounts have really infuriated people.


Thursday, July 19th 2012 at 12am

NHL players

During the 2012-2013 NHL hockey season the players went on strike for more money. Despite there already large salary they still wanted more money. So the players chose not to play at all unless there requests were met. They did get it all sorted out but they only played have of the season.


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